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Rebutting the Neo-Atheists

Nov 1, 2007

As the recent atheist diatribes get more shrill and more dogmatic, the paucity of their arguments become more apparent. Even though their missionary tracts are now pouring forth from the presses at a growing rate, mere volume of output does

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A Conflict of Visions

Oct 19, 2007

With the Federal election now well underway, it is time to turn the spotlight on some of the competing visions of the two main political parties. This essay will examine some of the philosophical distinctions between the two parties, outlining

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Europe and the Importance of Memory

Sep 4, 2007

One leading theme of postmodernism is what is known as the rejection of all metanarratives. PoMo argues that there are no grand stories, no overarching narratives that can give meaning and rootedness to our lives.

Instead we are cast adrift

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The Media and Abortion

Aug 26, 2007

There are certain topics you just can’t trust the mainstream media with. Abortion is surely one of them. Whenever the MSM deals with the subject, more often than not it is a terribly biased and one-sided affair.

We know why

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Learning to Live With Limits

Aug 9, 2007

For most of human history people have accepted the fact that life is “nasty, poor, brutish, and short”, to use Hobbes’s phrase. But advances in science, medicine, technology and other areas have resulted in a redefinition of what it is

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The First Church of Transhumanism

Aug 2, 2007

It is always interesting – and scary – to check out the transhumanist websites. Go ahead: Google the term transhumanism. First up you will find the World Transhumanist Association. There will also be well over 2 million other hits that

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On Other Worldviews

Jul 30, 2007

We live in a pluralistic world, with a plurality of ideas, philosophies, beliefs and religions. How are we to treat these various belief systems and worldviews? Just how should the believer interact with those of differing faiths, or no faith

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Atheism Poisons Everything

Jul 12, 2007

The neo-atheists are having a field day, with vitriol-soaked books pouring from the presses of late. The new militant crusade of the God-haters may indicate a bit of panic on their part. They had long felt that religion was on

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Atheism, Darwinism and Morality

Jul 10, 2007

Worldviews matter. The way one deals with the big questions about life (e.g., Why am I here? Is there a God? What is my purpose?) will have an impact on the way we live. If we are convinced that life

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Two Men Who Shaped Nations

Jun 20, 2007

Individuals can have tremendous influence – for good or for evil. Some people live a life of integrity, humility and service for others. Other people live a life fully devoted to self, and to gratifying their selfish and sensual desires.

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Faith, Unbelief and the Media

Jun 19, 2007

A number of studies have been conducted over the years demonstrating that those in the mainstream media tend to be very much of the left when it comes to politics, and very secular when it comes to matters of belief.

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The Clash of Worldviews

Jun 7, 2007

Ideas have consequences, and worldviews matter. If we happen to have a bad worldview, it will lead to bad results. For example, Hitler picked up the bad ideas of Darwin and Nietzsche, and the world experienced some really bad consequences.

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Atheist Wars

Jun 2, 2007

On and on go the atheist wars. They are out in droves, they never sleep and they want your children. Or so it seems from their continual bombardment. Barely a day goes by now when another anti-theist is pushing his

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