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Population Trends: Myth and Reality

Apr 14, 2006

Nicholas Eberstadt  has written extensively on population issues over the past few decades. His writings are an important antidote to the gloom and doom prophets such as Paul Erhlich. In this article (written for the Winter 2006 edition of

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The Perils of Perfection

Apr 13, 2006

Often the most dangerous scenarios come packaged in the most attractive of wrappings. Various promises of heaven on earth are an example. Consider the case of one science writer who promises us the world (or at least immortality) and seems

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Christianity Lite

Apr 13, 2006

In our efforts to reach people with the gospel, and make the message of Christ attractive, it is possible that we are in fact watering down the very gospel we are trying to share with people.

While we often mean

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Swiss Cheese Reasoning

Apr 2, 2006

Sometimes you read something that really gets your juices flowing. An article in yesterday’s Sunday Herald Sun is a case in point. The author made a really illogical case for homosexual marriage. I felt compelled to pen a reply this

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You can protect marriage

Mar 30, 2006

In spite of the major victory on marriage in August 2004, there are still radical social engineers pushing for same-sex marriage rights. Chief Minister Jon Stanhope of the ACT has introduced a Civil Union Bill to do just that. Stanhope

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More Christian Persecution

Mar 29, 2006

I trust you have been following the case of the Muslim convert to Christianity who has been sentenced to death. I raise some issues about the case in an article below, if you are interested.

A Religion of Peace?


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We can protect our kids

Mar 22, 2006

Labor has announced that it wants ISPs to be responsible for blocking Internet porn, especially to our children. All the media is carrying the story today. But the Liberal Communications Minister Helen Coonan said the plan is unworkable, and computer-based

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Historical Revisionism Again

Mar 16, 2006

It seems that the historical revisionists and terrorist appeasers are at it again. A recent Victorian textbook has made a comparison between the Crusades and the September 11 terrorist attack. Defenders of the textbook say it is merely being deliberately

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Worth getting shook up about

Mar 14, 2006

I have had a long standing concern for our children, and how certain activist groups are targeting them. And I have long held that the homosexual lobby is one of the greatest threats to our children. Thus I reprint below

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Christian bashing thwarted

Mar 1, 2006

Today Senator Ron Boswell sent out this media release. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Democrats mission to abolish prayer fails

The Democrats’ attempt to abolish prayers in the Parliament and remove tax advantages for religious groups was intolerance

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When Nations Commit Suicide

Feb 27, 2006

Many Western nations are committing cultural hari-kari because of their commitment to extremist agendas and radical ideologies. Probably the two most noted examples of this would be Canada and the Netherlands. Both nations have pursued such radically dysfunctional and politically

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Hollywood, Religion and C.S. Lewis

Feb 27, 2006

Hollywood seems to be getting religion lately. Or perhaps more accurately, Hollywood is discovering that there is money to be made in religious films. The Passion by Mel Gibson was a big money-maker, and put Hollywood on notice that they

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Facts on Islam

Feb 24, 2006

Three items on Islam.

One. Peter Costello made some timely remarks on Islam and deserves support. All the papers are reporting the story, so please send in a letter to the editor. An edited version of his speech is

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