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The Need For Improved Spiritual Vision

Feb 22, 2020

Most Western Christians are oblivious to the spiritual realities all around us:

We all have varying levels of vision. Some folks are born blind, and never get to see anything – they can only go by the descriptions of others.

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Culture Wars and Christian Litmus Tests

Feb 20, 2020

Are you a secular leftist or a biblical Christian?

There are certain issues that pretty well define where a person is at, what he believes, and what he values. There are of course various core theological beliefs that one must

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We Love the Planet, But We Hate People

Feb 16, 2020

So let’s save the planet by killing everyone:

My title might have some of you asking, ‘A bit of hyperbole Bill?’ I wish it were, but sadly this is exactly the case for many folks today. So obsessed are they

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In Defence of Freedom and Free Markets

Feb 14, 2020

With Sanders and CO pushing socialism, we need to again make the case for its viable alternative:

With the very real – and very frightening – likelihood of a hard-core socialist actually leading the Democrat charge in America against President

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Where There Are No Lukewarm Christians

Feb 13, 2020

We need to learn about genuine Christianity:

There are two main types of Christianity. There is the version found in the West in which many (most?) people who call themselves Christians are basically indistinguishable from their non-Christian neighbours. They live,

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Christian Revival in Iran

Feb 12, 2020

God is doing amazing things in places like Iran:

While Christianity in the West seems to be on its last legs, God is not yet finished with planet earth. He is still at work, including in places that we might

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Ignore the Hollywoke Crowd

Feb 10, 2020

Yet another woke performance at the Oscars:

Oh dear. Another Hollywood super-event, and another case of nauseating political correctness and wokedom. When I penned my article earlier today about leftist moralisers and double standards, the 92nd annual Academy Awards was

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The Sad, Swift Road To Destruction

Feb 10, 2020

Another celeb thinks she is a theologian and wants to ‘correct’ our views:

It was Jesus who made this very sombre statement, as found in Matthew 7:13-14: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad

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Getting Back To What Made Us Great

Feb 9, 2020

As the West continues to decline, what will it take to turn things around?

As the days grow ever darker in the West, the battles are intensifying. And they are being fought on every level: the political, the cultural, the

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On Common Grace

Feb 8, 2020

We sometimes forget about the important reality of God’s common grace:

As I somewhat anticipated, the article I penned yesterday on moral ability and accountability was misunderstood by some Christians or rather unnecessarily criticised. In my piece I responded to

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Yes, Non-Christians Are Morally Accountable

Feb 7, 2020

What are we to make of the claim, ‘You can’t expect non-believers to act like believers’?

How often have you heard some Christian saying something like the following: ‘Well, we can’t point out the sins of non-believers because they are

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Trump Triumphant, the Dems Defeated

Feb 6, 2020

Pelosi’s outlandish temper tantrum fully illustrates where the US Dems are at:

I could just as easily have called this piece, “Hotheads, Handshakes, and Hypocrisy”. It would have been equally accurate and relevant. All up, it has been a very

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Trump, SOTU, Pelosi and the Left

Feb 5, 2020

Trump’s State of the Union address was a very important speech indeed:

Donald Trump has just finished giving his 3rd annual State of the Union speech. The 80-minute address was a powerful performance, with plenty of standing ovations along

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On Trump For POTUS in 2020

Feb 4, 2020

I was previously quite cautious about Trump, but I am more supportive now. What changed?

Things certainly can change, and even go full circle! Four years ago I was losing friends, getting hated on, and being abused by many folks

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On Friendship Evangelism

Feb 3, 2020

Should we only share the gospel after first forming close relationships with people?

There is the ideal, and then there is the real. Sometimes they overlap, but often they do not. This is true when it comes to how Christians

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