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Bible Study Helps: Jeremiah

Dec 12, 2020

Here are some aids as you read and study Jeremiah:

The book of Jeremiah is a vitally important Old Testament book. He is one of the most well-known and most-read prophets, and for good reason. His persistence in proclaiming the

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Bible Study Helps: Lamentations

Dec 11, 2020

Here are some tools to help you read and study the book of Lamentations:

The book of Lamentations is usually grouped in the wisdom literature. If it were placed in the prophetic books, we would then have 17 books, instead

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Bible Study Helps: Ezekiel

Dec 10, 2020

Some useful helps as you read the book of Ezekiel:

The book of Ezekiel is a key prophetic book in the Old Testament, but it may not get as much attention as it deserves. Indeed, many Christians tend to shy

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Bible Study Helps: Daniel

Dec 10, 2020

This can be of help as you read and study the book of Daniel:

The last of the four so-called major prophets is quite a significant book, even though much shorter than the first three. While prophecy buffs and eschatology

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On Getting Hijacked

Dec 9, 2020

It is too easy to derail an important discussion:

No, I have never been hijacked – at least not by pirates on the high seas, or by terrorists on an airplane somewhere in the Middle East. But I have far

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Culture Wars and the Wheat and the Tares

Dec 8, 2020

Divisions are clearly showing up both within churches and within politics:

I have said it before: sometimes the best thing about the wars that we find ourselves in is you can clearly determine who is your friend and who is

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You WILL Be Silenced!

Dec 6, 2020

The militants seeking to destroy Lyle Shelton are coming after all of us:

One hates to do it, and one hates to sound like a broken record, but really, I told you so! Indeed, a number of us tried to

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Bible Study Helps: James

Dec 6, 2020

Those reading through the book of James will find these resources of some real help:

Although only five-chapters long, James is an interesting and perplexing book for so many reasons. Questions abound as to almost everything about the book, including

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James, Paul, Faith and Works

Dec 6, 2020

Do Paul and James differ on the matter of faith and works?

It has long been suggested that Paul and James are at odds when it comes to matters of faith and works. Some suggest that while Paul teaches salvation

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Bible Study Helps: Hebrews

Dec 5, 2020

Here are some helps as you read and study the book of Hebrews:

After the four gospels, the book of Acts, and the thirteen Pauline epistles, we come to the final nine books of the New Testament. The first one

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Walter Williams

Dec 4, 2020

The great Walter Williams has just passed away:

I just heard that the noted American economist Walter Williams has passed away at age 84. Along with Thomas Sowell, these two Black economists did far more good than 1000 lefty economists

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On Expository Commentaries

Dec 3, 2020

Here is some useful info on recommended expository commentaries:

‘Bill, you did it again: you picked a topic hardly anyone will be interested in!’ Yes I know. But for that rather small audience out there who may be interested, this

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‘War Is Upon Us’

Dec 2, 2020

Pretending we are not in all-out warfare helps no one:

When most Christians are enjoying the good life on a cruise ship instead of enduring the hardships of a battleship in the midst of blistering warfare, it is hard to

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Preach the Law, Then Preach Grace

Dec 1, 2020

To appreciate the good news we must first hear the bad news:

It is always amazing just how biblically illiterate some folks are. Worse yet, there are plenty of Christians who think they know everything about the Bible, when it

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God’s Enemies

Nov 30, 2020

Yes there are those who are at enmity with God:

Some of you might be asking: ‘What, enemies of God? God has enemies? But I thought he loved everybody, so he cannot have enemies. At least he cannot regard anyone

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God, Culture Wars and Persecution

Nov 29, 2020

Believers should avoid faulty ways of responding to persecution and anti-Christian bigotry:

Because I am a Christian, I of course write a lot about God. And since I am also fully involved in the culture wars, that too is often

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‘You Are Forbidden From Getting Help!’

Nov 28, 2020

Why we must reject this dreadful “conversion therapy” bill:

Numerous jurisdictions in the Western world are going down the road of banning “conversion therapies” or “conversion practices”. I recently wrote about how the Australian state of Victoria has just introduced

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On Virtue Lists

Nov 27, 2020

The New Testament contains various lists of virtues which the Christian should be modelling:

This article deals with the New Testament and various lists of virtues that we find scattered throughout. I have recently written a piece on the contrasting

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Love Actually

Nov 25, 2020

We must run with God – and not the world – in our understanding of love:

No, this article is not about a popular and shmaltzy 2003 film, actually. It is in fact trying to deconstruct the faulty notions of

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