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Notable Christians: G. K. Chesterton

Jan 24, 2011

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) is one of my favourite writers, and his 1908 volume Orthodoxy is one of my favourite books. He was an English writer, apologist, poet, essayist, and journalist. He was extremely prolific, having penned some 80 books,

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Remembering Churchill

Jan 23, 2015

Fifty years ago Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill died. He was born on November 30, 1874, and died on January 24, 1965. He was without doubt one of the greatest leaders of last century, and his legacy will forever be with us.

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Christopher Hitchens RIP

Dec 16, 2011

Renowned writer and atheist Christopher Hitchens has just died at age 62 of cancer-related pneumonia. The writer, controversialist and polemicist had a distinguished career in the literary field, and was a noted debater, journalist, essayist and columnist. He had a

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More Atheist Tirades

Sep 4, 2009

In one of the more bizarre ways to seek to explain away the universal phenomena of religion, some atheists have invented the idea that a god gene exists. Yes, there is no God, but we have a gene that makes

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Rhetoric, the Bible, and the Believer

Apr 18, 2007

It is always a delicate matter when believers speak out on any issue, whether to fellow believers, or to non-believers. Most discussions or arguments on controversial subjects give rise to heated debates, plenty of emotion and lots of passion. There

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