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Understanding Cultural Marxism

May 30, 2017

Throughout the West we see leftist activists ever at work. They seem relentless in their drive to destroy everything that has made the West great. They are ever agitating against all that we hold near and dear, and seem hell-bent

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The Big Picture, the Long Term

Apr 18, 2016

There are various reasons why the secular left seems to win so many battles, while their opponents are not doing so well. Obviously in the West today the mainstream media is by and large well onside with the various secular

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Cultural Marxism

Jun 28, 2014

Marx and Engels published The Communist Manifesto in 1848. The goal of worldwide revolution did not quite pan out during Marx’s lifetime. Indeed, it might have seemed to him that his hopes were not going to be

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Law, Culture Wars, and the Christian

Apr 5, 2014

Law and legal issues are of course a vital component of life. And for good parts of human history the laws of God stood over, and greatly influenced, the laws of men. But in the secular West today this is

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Church Busters: A How-To Guide

Mar 26, 2014

If you are a biblical Christian you of course believe in a personal, malevolent, spiritual being known as the devil. And you know that he hates God and God’s purposes. Thus he works incessantly to undermine and destroy everything related

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How To Sabotage a Nation

Mar 19, 2011

Do nations just drift into decline, stagnation, and degeneracy? Or is the process aided and abetted by those who actively seek to undermine and subvert a nation? The more one learns about activist and subversive groups, the more one sees

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Capturing the Churches

Oct 3, 2010

I have noted before how so much of the social decay and moral collapse which we are witnessing all around us has not been happening by accident. There are plenty of activist groups working overtime to ensure that the war

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On Capturing a Culture

Sep 28, 2010

We have a pro-death atheist running our country, a homosexual secular humanist second in command, and now we have sworn in our first Muslim MP with a Koran. Oh, and did I mention that this year’s national parliamentary prayer breakfast

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History Wars

May 31, 2010

George Orwell once said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Quite so. It has always been a hallmark of the totalist state to control education and to rewrite history. Those who can

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Media Bias

Nov 15, 2008

The reason this website exists – and many like it – is because of media bias. If the mainstream media (MSM) were doing its job properly, there may not be a need for sites such as this. But because the

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The Threat of Judicial Activism

Nov 2, 2008

All over the Western world we are witnessing the rise of judicial activism. That is, we find the active political involvement of judges in contentious social issues. Judges, who are often unelected, but appointed, interpret the law in such a

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Government By Experts

Feb 6, 2008

The beginning of the Constitution of the United States reads, “We the people…” The basic idea of democracy is that the people rule. Of course people need rulers, and expertise in various fields is not to be shunned. However, whenever

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Faith, Unbelief and the Media

Jun 19, 2007

A number of studies have been conducted over the years demonstrating that those in the mainstream media tend to be very much of the left when it comes to politics, and very secular when it comes to matters of belief.

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Are Our Universities Biased?

Sep 18, 2006

This of course is a rhetorical question, much like, Is the Pope Catholic? Western universities have been hotbeds of radicalism and leftist ideology for some time now, certainly since the 60s, when they were deliberately targeted by the New Left,

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The 60’s Legacy on the Family

Jul 3, 1996

As one who has grown up in, and been a part of, the counter-culture of the 60’s and 70’s, I want to examine the way it has radically redefined the shape and character of modern society. It is my conviction

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