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Do We Have God’s Heart On This?

Jul 10, 2015

One good test to decide if we really are sons and daughters of the Living God is if we share his heart on important issues. The true child of God will of course think as God thinks and even feel

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Rebutting the Vines’ Deception

Jul 4, 2015

I don’t usually like to draw undue attention to apostates, to wolves in sheep’s clothing, to false teachers, or to those who are clearly demonically deceived. But let me do so here, since some of this deception gets a wide

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Finishing Strong

Apr 13, 2015

The longer I live, and the longer I live as a Christian, the more tragic cases I encounter of people I have known who were once vibrant Christians, but are now completely living as pagans, having resolutely rejected the Christian

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Christian Apologists For Evil

Apr 8, 2015

Yes, there are such creatures. Of course we should really refer to them as “professing believers” since no true disciple of Jesus Christ would dare side with the enemies of the gospel and against biblical truth. But regrettably we find

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The Appalling Apostasy of Rob Bell

Feb 19, 2015

Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. I know that after I leave, savage wolves

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Carl Henry on the Holiness of God

Feb 12, 2015

One can never write too much about the holiness of God. It may well be his overriding and overarching attribute. I have already penned articles about Ryle on holiness, and Lloyd-Jones on holiness, and I will likely pen many more.

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Yet Another Arrogant Atheist Rant

Feb 1, 2015

One would wish that the angry atheists came up with something new for a change – something original or something clever. Instead, all we get from them are the same old tired clichés and bumper sticker objections that have been

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Making Cheap Excuses for Rebellion

Jan 24, 2015

There are all sorts of lousy excuses atheists and unbelievers make about not coming to faith in Christ. And there are plenty of cheap excuses made by those who leave the Christian faith as well. I have heard plenty of

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On Being Deserted

Dec 31, 2014

Have you ever been abandoned by friends? Have you ever had brothers or sisters in Christ desert you? Have you ever had close associates turn on you? Have you ever been dumped by those you trusted and depended on? If

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Abortion Contrasts

Dec 10, 2014

The division between good and evil is perhaps nowhere better highlighted than in the issue of abortion. Very simply put, on the one side is the promotion of death, while on the other side in the celebration of life. The

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Great Grace in Great Suffering

Oct 10, 2014

I have said it before, and I might as well keep saying it: contemporary Western Christians are in desperate need of developing a theology of suffering. We have picked up this strange and unbiblical idea that Christians are never supposed

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Rome, Caesar, Christ and Eternity

Apr 17, 2014

Rome is known as the Eternal City, and probably for good reason. Founded over two and three quarter millennia ago, it is obviously still going strong. I should know, since I am there right now, and have the sore legs

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You Will Comply, Or Else

Feb 27, 2014

We now know perfectly well that the homosexual juggernaut is not about ‘live and let live,’ but about the complete and total beating into submission of all those who resist the militants’ agenda. Hundreds of examples have now made it

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Hurtling Towards Gomorrah

Nov 1, 2013

The words Sodom and Gomorrah have become standard terms in everyday conversation, even though referring to events which occurred many thousands of years ago. What took place back then, as recorded in Genesis 18-19, was some pretty nasty stuff: perverted

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“You Can Go To Hell”

Jun 12, 2013

Just imagine what the response would be if I publicly told someone to go to hell. The outrage would be instant and incessant. Christians especially would go in a lather, condemning me for my unloving, un-Christlike, unbiblical, judgmental and intolerant

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