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A Review of Love Wins. By Rob Bell.

Apr 15, 2011

HarperOne, 2011.

You can always tell when someone is losing the plot biblically speaking. Whenever the mainstream media starts lapping up what you have to say, then you need to worry about whether you can still maintain your Christian credentials.

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Marriage Mischief and the Pink Mafia

Feb 5, 2011

As the marriage wars intensify, so too does the heavy-handed assaults by the militant homosexual lobby. They have long specialised in intimidation, deception, harassment and hate campaigns. They have just ratcheted things up a few more notches.

And the duplicity

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Smacking Bad, Paedophilia OK

Dec 2, 2010

I am not sure how many times I have used Isaiah 5:20 to introduce – or conclude – an article, but it once again comes perfectly into play here. Although written 2500 years ago, it perfectly describes the age we

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When the Church Proudly Embraces Sin

May 16, 2010

A half century ago A.W. Tozer preached these words: “This is the day of excusing sin instead of purging sin. An entire school of thought has developed justifying sin within the church and trying to prove that sin is perfectly

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The Church and Self-Esteem

Aug 23, 2009

An ad in a church bulletin recently caught my attention. It was advertising an upcoming ‘Self-Esteem Seminar’. Nothing unusual about that. There must be zillions of such self-help seminars being run in churches throughout the Western world. They have become

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Scenes from the Abortion Wars

Apr 28, 2009

Two recent episodes in the abortion wars are worth recounting here. Both demonstrate the importance of pro-life resistance to the culture of death. The first is a bittersweet story, in which the pro-death camp thought it had the upper hand,

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Sexual Suicide

Feb 16, 2009

The dramatic erosion of marriage and the explosion of out-of-control sexuality are not without their devastating consequences. Many acute observers have noted this. In 1968 Will and Ariel Durant’s important book, The Lessons of History appeared. In it they said,

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Declaring War on Children

Sep 1, 2007

Not everyone can have children, and not everyone wants children. That’s OK. There is no law mandating fecundity. For various reasons, many may want to forgo the whole involved process of bearing and raising children.

But the norm throughout human

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Why Are They So Angry?

May 16, 2007

Anyone involved in public debates, the blogosphere, or discussion about controversial issues in the public arena will know that it can get pretty hot out there at times. Public controversies are certainly not for the squeamish or the faint

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Rhetoric, the Bible, and the Believer

Apr 18, 2007

It is always a delicate matter when believers speak out on any issue, whether to fellow believers, or to non-believers. Most discussions or arguments on controversial subjects give rise to heated debates, plenty of emotion and lots of passion. There

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The Missionaries of Anti-theism

Jan 12, 2007

The atheist fundamentalists have been working overtime as of late. Not only did Jill Singer pen another zinger in the Herald Sun (January 8), but the militant missionary for atheism, Pamela Bone, also had an article in the Australian (January

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Elton John and Tolerance

Nov 16, 2006

Many media outlets reported the recent remarks made by pop star Elton John. He argued that religions were by nature intolerant and bigoted, and they should be banned. Of course his main gripe was so-called homophobia. He claimed that religions

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The Perils of Perfection

Apr 13, 2006

Often the most dangerous scenarios come packaged in the most attractive of wrappings. Various promises of heaven on earth are an example. Consider the case of one science writer who promises us the world (or at least immortality) and seems

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Clear Thinking on Equal Rights and Discrimination

Nov 9, 2003

Australian comedian and television personality Julie McCrossin gave an address to the Sydney Institute in July of 1999. Entitled, “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: Recognising Same Sex Relationships,” she spoke of how she and her lesbian partner were denied

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