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Angry Atheists in Action

Jun 7, 2016

Thousands of zealous God-deniers turned up in Washington DC on Saturday for the second ‘Reason Rally’ (the first one was held four years ago). The funny thing about this get-together is how so many folks get all worked up about

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More Christian Atheists

Mar 25, 2015

Yep, you read that right: Christian atheists. Believe it or not, there are folks out there who claim to be Christians – even Christian leaders – who also proudly inform us that they don’t believe in God. Yep, makes perfect

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The Grievous Sin of Autonomy

Apr 10, 2014

Normally it is a good thing to not have to rely on and depend upon others. Usually it is good to have a fair degree of autonomy. We expect of every baby and toddler that they will eventually grow up

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Bell and Oprah Lovefest: No Surprises Here

Apr 7, 2014

The biggest promoter of New Age moonbattery in the world today is of course Oprah Winfrey. Many years ago she abandoned any claim to being a Christian, and she now shamelessly promotes every bit of loony spirituality around. New Age

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Our Heavenly Undercover Boss

Jan 27, 2014

OK, so this post is only for Christians. That is because only Christians have made the deliberate decision to make God the boss of their life. They have agreed with God that they are not the centre of the universe,

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Our Atheist Churches

Nov 25, 2013

If God indeed exists and has made us in his image, then it should be not in the least surprising that we have an incurable longing for eternity in our hearts, that we find a search for transcendence everywhere, and

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Atheism and Freedom

Sep 15, 2013

Jean-Paul Sartre the famous French atheist and novelist wrote a lot about freedom. As an existentialist philosopher, he celebrated raw freedom, and the ability to choose, regardless of what is chosen. Indeed, he once wrote that we are “condemned to

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Narcissism Overload

Aug 27, 2012

Let’s face it – we are a culture of narcissists. We are in love with ourselves. How could it be otherwise? When you reject God as the centre of the universe and the proper object of love and devotion, you

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Truth in Commencement Addresses

Jun 9, 2012

Truth is not often something that gets a good run in most high school or college commencement speeches. Often we have a mix of schmaltzy, feel-good, self-serving and New Age mumbo jumbo. The kids who have been flattered and pampered

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Atheism, Arguments, and Apologetics

Apr 12, 2012

This weekend a whole bunch of frisky God-haters will be descending upon Melbourne. With all the zeal and passion of an evangelistic tent-meeting crusade, the avid misotheists will congregate to sing the praises of, well, nothing, actually.

Sure, they claim

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Christopher Hitchens RIP

Dec 16, 2011

Renowned writer and atheist Christopher Hitchens has just died at age 62 of cancer-related pneumonia. The writer, controversialist and polemicist had a distinguished career in the literary field, and was a noted debater, journalist, essayist and columnist. He had a

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Cheap Grace and Cheap Living

Nov 17, 2011

Sometimes the contrast gets quite overwhelming. In this case, it involves reading two quite contrasting texts. On the one hand, we have press reports of some pretty reprehensible behaviour, and on the other hand we find very strong admonitions to

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Trying To Explain Away God

Sep 10, 2011

There have been plenty of attempts to explain away God. This is to be expected, since fallen man refuses to admit that he is not the centre of the universe, and is not the final arbiter of truth and error,

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A Generation of Narcissists

Mar 3, 2011

Sometimes you have to wonder. We have all these eggheads holding major conferences to weigh in on significant issues, but, the truth is, much of this is already glaringly obvious. We don’t actually need academics and elites to tell us

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On Divine Jealousy

Jan 18, 2011

A sad reality is that many people who call themselves Christians really believe and act little differently than atheists. Both share a common trait. Both don’t want God meddling in their lives. Both live and act as if they are

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Just How Good Can We Be Without God?

Nov 23, 2010

It is all rather common – almost to the point of being monotonous – for atheists to throw out the old chestnut, “Can we be good without God?” They argue, “Of course we can. We are just as moral as

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Romans 1 and the Death of a Nation

Aug 14, 2010

There is hardly a more frightening and sobering passage in all of Scripture than Romans 1:18-32. Yet, sadly, it may be one of the more neglected texts in contemporary Christendom. And no wonder, since it cuts across so much of

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God 1, Dawkins 0

Oct 3, 2009

There are 66 books in the Bible, but they all tell one simple story – and it happens to be a love story. It is your typical three-part love story: boy meets girl; girl rejects boy; boy wins back girl.

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