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Don’t Worry About the Evidence

Dec 18, 2007

Take any contentious social issue of the day, and you will find plenty of illogic, name-calling, emotional appeals, and confused thinking. All this is much easier than actually dealing with the evidence and facts. Facts can get in the way

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Violinists are Not Babies

Feb 28, 2005

Helen Pringle in her article, “The case of the violinist and the fetus,” resurrects an old argument in order to shed new light on the abortion debate. She refers to the famous ‘violinist’ argument which Judith Jarvis Thomson first made

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A Generation of Offended Snowflakes

Jan 10, 2017

While most secular lefties today would want nothing to do with such (in their view) outdated notions as the Ten Commandments, they in fact still cling to a few moral absolutes which they insist must remain inviolate. One of them

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Christmas: Yes He Was One of Us

Dec 24, 2016

Back in 1995 a song called “One of Us” became a big hit throughout much of the West. Performed by Joan Osborne, it asked this question: “What if God was one of us?” The first verse of the song runs

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Australia’s Leading Cultural Marxist?

Oct 25, 2016

I realise that many contenders for this title could be mentioned, but it is becoming clear that one man is head and shoulders above all the rest at the moment. I refer to Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews, who has

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Identity Madness, Education, and the PC Police

Jul 20, 2016

OK, let’s cut to the quick: the revolutionaries of the left have declared war on everything. They are so intent on destroying Western civilisation and its Judeo-Christian underpinnings that they are quite happy to wreak havoc everywhere and on everyone.

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Notable Christians: Vance Havner

Feb 25, 2016

When we think of great men of God, terrific prophetic voices from the past century, names like Tozer and Ravenhill easily arise. But another preacher, evangelist and prophet can also be included in their ranks: Vance Havner. The American preacher

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The Transgender War on Everything

Nov 6, 2015

War has been declared on normality, reality, biology, morality and sanity. The militant homosexual/transgender revolutionaries have unleashed a reign of terror on everyone and everything that stands in their way. And everywhere casualties are mounting up.

All this chaos, carnage

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In For the Long Haul

Nov 2, 2015

Most people, as well as most politicians, only think in terms of the short term and immediate gain. They seldom think about the bigger picture and the longer term. Immediate benefits and short term gains tend to be the main

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The Book of Lamentations

Oct 22, 2015

Why do I suspect that most Christians have given this Old Testament book a wide berth, and never bothered to read it? While perhaps most Western Christians may not have even read the entire OT, many would be put off

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Christian Atheists?

Oct 25, 2014

Atheists of course don’t believe in God. That is to be expected. But the question is, why don’t Christians believe God anymore? Why do they profess to be followers of Christ when by their very actions and their very refusal

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Drug Legalisation Myths, Part Two

Feb 18, 2014

I continue with more claims made by the drug legalisation and/or decriminalisation crowd, showing how their oft-heard claims really do not stack up to the evidence. Here then are four more such claims.

Fifth, crime rates may in fact rise.

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2013: A Good Year For Life

Jan 4, 2014

While everyone concerned about the slaughter of the innocents would like to see an end to all abortions, often an incremental approach is how the pro-life war is being won. Many recent battles for life have indeed been successful, and

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Changing Hearts, Laws or Cultures?

Jul 31, 2013

It is an old question, but one that is often raised: Should we not as Christians simply seek to change hearts? Why waste time on changing laws or trying to change cultures? Unless people are Christians, what is the point

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Taking Back Sexual Wholeness

Jul 29, 2013

Anyone except porn lovers and radical civil libertarians knows what a destructive tsunami the porn plague has been. It has devastated relationships, marriages, families and countless individuals in a downward spiral of degrading addiction.

And for some of course it

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Father Absence

Jun 25, 2013

Over five decades of social science research have told us just how bad things are for children when the father is absent. By every social indicator, children fare far worse when deprived of their biological dads. Whether we talk about

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The Facts on Fatherlessness, Part Two

May 17, 2013

Mental, emotional and physical well-being

  • From nations as diverse as Finland and South Africa, a number of studies have reported that anywhere from 50 to 80 per cent of psychiatric patients come from broken homes.
  • A Canadian study of teenagers
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