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When a Culture Hates its Own Children

Sep 3, 2016

A culture is in terminal condition when it decides that it does not give a rip about the next generation. When it actually detests children so much as it pursues reckless, immoral, activist agendas of adults, regardless of how much

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PC and the Rape of Children

Sep 4, 2014

Political Correctness is dangerous. It is deadly. And I mean this in a very real sense. The horrific news coming out of Rotherham, UK about 1400 raped and sexually abused children over a 16-year period is in good measure

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Two Children, Two Outcomes

Oct 19, 2011

Two recent news items offer a marked contrast in how we treat other people in general, and children in particular. Most people would have seen the first tragic story. It involved a toddler in China left to die while onlookers

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When Children Go Berserk

Apr 6, 2009

The media today is abuzz with the shocking case of yet more child-on-child violence in the UK. Reminiscent of the James Bulger case, two schoolboys aged 9 and 11 were viciously assaulted and tortured by another pair of boys the

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Child Neglect and Fatherless Households

Dec 8, 2006

Much is made of the tragic problems of child abuse and child neglect. The latter can take many forms, but one of the most important, yet underrated, examples of neglect is when a child is deliberately brought into the world

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Children Need Parents, Not Bureaucrats

May 1, 2003

The Federal Labor spokeswoman on children and youth, Nicola Roxon, has called for the establishment of a children’s rights body. In her Herald Sun article (May 26) she mentions a Bill she has introduced into Parliament calling for the establishment

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The Return of Paganism

Apr 10, 2016

If you wanted a nutshell description of the past 2000 years of Western history, you could put it this way: Out of paganism Christianity emerged and won the day, establishing civilisation and civility. But as Christianity waned, civilisation began to

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Christian Missions and Colonialism

Sep 1, 2015

There are plenty of objections which have been raised against Christianity over the centuries. One common complaint is that the history of Christian missions is really the history of oppression, imperialism, chauvinism, exploitation, Eurocentrism, and ugly colonialism.

This is standard

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Against Annihilationism, Part One

Dec 4, 2014

It is fully to be expected that non-Christians will vehemently reject what is clearly taught in the Word of God. Happens all the time. Sadly however there are a growing number of people who claim to be Christian who also

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Moral Mayhem and National Suicide

Nov 7, 2011

The fate of a nation’s survival and the state of a nation’s morality are closely intertwined. Mess with a nation’s morals and you will soon see the end of that nation. The enemies of the West have long recognised this

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The High Costs of Worldliness

Oct 29, 2011

Whenever believers stop the whole-hearted following of God and start following the ways of the world, there will always be a very high price to pay. Compromise always comes at a price, and Scripture is full of very clear examples

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In Praise of Discrimination

Jun 23, 2009

Time was when a man could be praised for having discriminating tastes. It was a mark of being able to make fine differentiations. Discernment, judgment and careful evaluation also used to be regarded as virtues. But today of course the

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