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Christians and Yoga

Jun 13, 2017

A really lousy piece that appeared in today’s Herald Sun entitled “Yoga classes banned for ridiculous reason” deserves some attention. The reporter must have had too much spare time on his hands, and the subeditor too much empty space to

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Christianity Without Christ

Dec 4, 2016

We have gotten to a pretty bizarre place when you have Christians effectively disowning Christ. Yet increasingly we find some folks who seek to do just that: run with a Christianity without Christ. One might as well speak about Marxism

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Why Churches Are Growing – And Declining

Nov 18, 2016

We have long known what should be fairly obvious: those churches which trash the gospel, disbelieve Scripture, and grieve the Holy Spirit are in decline, while those churches which believe and proclaim the gospel, have a high view of Scripture,

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The Gaystapo Crackdown on Christianity

Jan 25, 2016

Once upon a time governments operated circumspectly, engaging in simple things like keeping the roads in good shape and collecting the garbage. Increasingly however Western governments are becoming coercive utopians, pushing the agendas of radical minority groups.

The Victorian Labor

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Christian Mass Murderers (Or Clueless Wonders)

Aug 2, 2015

There is absolutely no question that the Nazis were mass murderers. And there is absolutely no question that groups like Planned Parenthood are mass murderers. Both have slain their millions. Both are guilty of crimes against humanity, and both are

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Kardashian Christianity

Dec 3, 2014

Most people in the West may know little or nothing about the Bible, about Christianity, about church life – all the things that made the free West what it is today – but they likely know heaps about Kim Kardashian.

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The Church’s Great Divide

Sep 26, 2014

Imagine you are a Christian pastor or counsellor, and a Christian guy who is heavily into adultery comes to you for advice and counsel. He actually thinks what he is doing is OK, but he wants your opinion on the

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Christianity, Culture and Compromise

Jun 15, 2014

The pressure to water down the gospel and to simply accommodate to the surrounding culture is an ever present reality. There is always the strong temptation to simply compromise on biblical absolutes in order to be more readily accepted, to

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Church Busters: A How-To Guide

Mar 26, 2014

If you are a biblical Christian you of course believe in a personal, malevolent, spiritual being known as the devil. And you know that he hates God and God’s purposes. Thus he works incessantly to undermine and destroy everything related

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Another Christian Sell-out

Mar 25, 2014

The New Testament clearly teaches that as we move closer to the end of human history, there will be major cases of apostasy, compromise, and selling out of the gospel. The spirit of the age will slowly but steadily grip

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How Not To Do Church

Aug 25, 2013

In the Christian world, things are supposed to go basically like this: the Bible is our authoritative guide for faith and practice; our theology should flow from the Bible; and our practice should flow from our theology. In very simple

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Why the Church is Losing

May 31, 2013

Biblical Christians know that in the end Jesus Christ triumphs, his church comes through victorious, and all God’s enemies are finally put in their place. But in the meantime a mighty battle is taking place for the souls, minds and

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Is It Time To Close Our Churches?

Nov 26, 2011

OK, now that I have got your attention, let me explain. I was again having a great conversation with a godly brother about the state of the church and related matters. I mentioned the sad state of so much of

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The Church as Boy’s Club

Nov 23, 2011

Thomas Sowell once said that “The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers. Unions are for unions, just as corporations are for corporations and politicians are for politicians.” And I might add, sadly, some churches

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The Homosexualisation of the Catholic Church

Apr 1, 2011

Three news items in today’s press makes for scary reading – certainly if you are a committed Catholic and/or wish to uphold biblical morality. All three episodes involve various Catholic churches and Catholic leaders capitulating big time to the homosexual

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