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Notable Christians: Charles Colson

Apr 22, 2012

Chuck Colson has just passed away after surgery for a brain haemorrhage. He was one of the most influential Christian leaders of the past half century. His legacy will live on, and we all owe him a great debt of

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It’s the Culture, Stupid

Oct 19, 2017

In Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign he used the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.” That economics is important is true, but it is far from the whole picture. In the ideological and political realm, economics is just one part of

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Ban the Bible – And Those Who Read It

Nov 6, 2016

The Bible has often been banned or strictly censured in the past – and even in many places today. Simply think of most Communist and Muslim countries, past and present. The Word of God is always anathema to the powers

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Hope in a Hopeless World

Oct 14, 2016

I don’t know about you, but in these ever-darkening days, things can seem overwhelming at times. The world is shaking, kingdoms are falling, faith is failing, and friends are disappearing. It seems everywhere we look a great darkness is enveloping

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The Big Picture, the Long Term

Apr 18, 2016

There are various reasons why the secular left seems to win so many battles, while their opponents are not doing so well. Obviously in the West today the mainstream media is by and large well onside with the various secular

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On the Haters’ Honour Roll

Oct 19, 2014

Wow, I must be really evil! Why? Well, I finally have joined the ranks of such luminaries as Ben Carson, George W. Bush, James Dobson, Michelle Malkin, Chuck Colson, Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Michael Brown, Billy Graham, Thomas

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Stand Against Conformity

Oct 2, 2014

Back in my hippy days, as part of my wild youth, us rebels liked to say how much we hated conformity. We thought the square, middle class values of our parents smothered individuality and creativity and led to a deadening

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The ENDA Faith, Family and Freedom

Nov 8, 2013

When the radicals want to destroy time-honoured institutions like marriage and family, it is not as easy to do so if they just came out and said they hate these things and want to see them forever demolished. No, that

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Big Brother Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Dec 11, 2012

You know things are getting bad when even hard-core leftists and civil libertarians join with conservatives in opposing draconian and anti-freedom of speech law proposals. I refer to the draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 which has recently been

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Notable Christians: Abraham Kuyper

Oct 15, 2012

Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) was an amazing figure in so many ways. He was Dutch Calvinist theologian, pastor, politician, newspaper editor, statesman, journalist, educator, and Christian leader. Historian Richard Lovelace called him the greatest evangelical thinker since Jonathan Edwards.

Although known

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Obama and Abortion

Oct 3, 2012

“No previous president has been so radically pro-abortion as Obama.” So who said that? Rush Limbaugh? James Dobson? Michele Bachmann? Billy Graham? Rick Santorum? Chuck Colson? Randall Terry? Nope. It was atheist civil libertarian Nat Hentoff.

He has just penned

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Obama’s Imperial Reach and War on Faith

Feb 11, 2012

I have written before about President Obama’s attempt to erect Big Brother statism and his war on Christianity in America. And I have mentioned his most recent assault on the church, his draconian plans to tell Catholic and other health

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Time To Put Jesus on the Couch

Mar 28, 2011

The more nonsense I see emanating from so-called evangelical Christians, the more I despair. On a daily basis we see the faith once delivered by the saints being ripped to pieces by trendy upstarts. And so much of this is

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Coming Soon to You: The State PC Church

Jun 19, 2009

I have written extensively as of late about how religious freedom in the West is slowly but surely coming under attack. State-sponsored anti-Christian bigotry is on the increase throughout the Western world. Various forces have been warring against the free

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More Attacks on Religious Freedom

May 19, 2009

Throughout the Western world rights talk is being used to promote the agendas of activist minority groups, and to silence Christians from publically affirming their faith. This takes many forms: hate crimes legislation, equal opportunity laws, anti-discrimination legislation, and so

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Darwin and the Image of God

Mar 3, 2009

The Judeo-Christian worldview is unique among the religions and philosophies of the world in affirming that human beings are made in the image of God. It is the uniqueness of humans that sets these two religions apart from all others.

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On My Favourite Theologians

Jun 9, 2008

There are all sorts of reasons why I should not be writing this article. First, I will not only flummox most non-believers looking at this website, but I will almost certainly lose about 95 per cent of believers as well.

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