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I Have a Dream For the Unborn

Jan 17, 2012

Today is Martin Luther King Day in America. The famous civil rights campaigner (1929-1968) was a clergyman and a tireless activist in securing justice for Black Americans. As a Baptist pastor and a Black American, he knew full well that

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More Ugly Leftist Hypocrisy

Aug 25, 2016

It is getting to the point where if I am asked to define what leftism is all about, I simply offer the word hypocrisy. The two seem to go together so often, that they may be twins separated at birth.

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Time to Exit the UN

Jul 1, 2016

Brexit was a stunning victory for liberty, independence and self-control, at least for the UK, and it may well be the first shot fired in a new revolution of freedom. Already a number of other European nations are talking about

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Lincoln, Life and Liberty

Feb 6, 2016

Abraham Lincoln is remembered for many things. He was the 16th President of the United States, and he was assassinated while attending a theatre on April 15, 1865. But it was his fight against slavery, culminating in the Civil War

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SCOTUS and Marriage: The Fallout

Jun 27, 2015

I have already written on the fateful decision of the US Supreme Court to redefine marriage and show its utter contempt for the majority of Americans who know that marriage is always about a one man, one woman relationship. As

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More Islamic and Homosexual Sharia

Jun 23, 2015

In an earlier piece I noted the frightening similarities between the Islamic war on faith, family and freedom, and the homosexual war on faith, family and freedom. The attempt to push Islamic sharia law throughout the West is destroying democracy

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The Gathering Storm Against Christians

Mar 3, 2015

All over the West there is a war against Christians and Christianity taking place, and each day this is hotting up even more. Indeed, on a daily basis we find further ugly examples of anti-Christian bigotry taking place. I could

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More Gaystapo Obaminations

Jul 23, 2014

As I and others have documented countless times now, Barack Hussein Obama is arguably the worst US President ever. He is certainly the most pro-Islam POTUS ever. He is certainly the most pro-abortion POTUS ever. He is certainly the most

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More Twisted Tales From the Pink Rainbow

Oct 29, 2013

With militant homosexual activism growing in ferocity and intensity by the day, so too are the stories of bizarre and downright frightening homosexualist moonbattery. It is utterly staggering how so many governments, businesses and others have jumped onto the homosexual

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The End Is Near (Or It Sure Seems That Way)

Aug 28, 2012

If you wanted to come up with a great way of destroying civilisation, simply seek to radically tamper with human sexuality, undermine marriage, and destroy family. That would pretty much do the trick. And we are seeing this happen all

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Some Wins on Same-Sex Marriage

Mar 29, 2012

It may seem like it is all bad news when it comes to the relentless homosexual juggernaut, with their never-ending list of demands to radically remake society into their own image. And the activists would like us to think that

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The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

Feb 19, 2012

The battle over same-sex marriage is perhaps the most momentous and far-reaching debate we face at the moment. There is very much at stake in this attempt to redefine marriage out of existence. It is a social shift which is

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The PC Mafia and Weak Leadership

Oct 6, 2011

There is only one thing worse than the militant activists as they seek to force their agendas on the rest of society, and that is spineless leaders who allow themselves to be intimidated and terrorised by these social engineers. If

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More Green Falsehoods and Mischief

Jul 8, 2011

It seems you can trust the Greens to play fast and loose with the truth, go soft on morality, and trifle with the facts. They are happy to do anything to push their radical agendas. Whether it is euthanasia, homosexuality,

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More Social Engineering Follies

Jun 14, 2011

One bankable rule of thumb about life is this: it is easy to destroy, but difficult to build. It is easy to tear down and uproot, but it takes a lot of hard work to build up and develop anything

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