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Playing Our Part in the Culture Wars

Sep 28, 2016

It seems that in the culture wars in general, and the homosexuality debates in particular, we are easily being out-spent, out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and out-manned. This is true in many respects. The other side is awash with funding – often taxpayer

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Culture Wars, Theology, and Working Together

Aug 28, 2016

I have written frequently about issues like co-belligerency. I have written often about the fact that I am a Protestant evangelical, with very real theological differences with my Catholic friends. And I have written often about how I prefer my

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Hope in the Culture Wars

Mar 2, 2016

Admittedly things are looking rather grim at the moment. All over the West it seems like evil, the devil, insanity, runaway political correctness, sexual perversion, and moral anarchy reign. Things are getting darker and darker. Those who care about all

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Culture Wars and Culture Warriors

Jul 3, 2015

OK, just a few home truths and practical points worth sharing, or more accurately, worth reiterating. As I have said a zillion times now, it is imperative that we get truth out into the public arena. We are not getting

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Law, Culture Wars, and the Christian

Apr 5, 2014

Law and legal issues are of course a vital component of life. And for good parts of human history the laws of God stood over, and greatly influenced, the laws of men. But in the secular West today this is

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Terrific News in the Culture Wars

Dec 12, 2013

The High Court has just unanimously struck down the ACT homosexual marriage law! This is exceedingly good news and worthy of great celebration. Let the champagne corks fly if you will, but this is a victory to savour and celebrate

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Truth Telling in the Culture Wars

May 1, 2013

The two biggest threats to faith, freedom, and family today come from militant groups dedicated to the destruction of the West, democracy, and Christianity. I refer to militant Islam and the militant homosexual lobby. Both are working overtime to destroy

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Brad and Angelina Culture Wars

Jul 12, 2012

OK, so this article is not entirely about this Hollywood power and glamour couple, but I did get your attention right? So now that I have it, please read on, since it does have a fair amount to do with

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Coffee Culture Wars

Jun 13, 2012

You may not know it, but the culture wars are being fought on many levels, including at the level of some of your favourite caffeine cafes. Even those who sell you coffee have gotten involved in some of the bigger

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More Hollywood Culture Wars

Apr 4, 2012

I make no claim to being a good Catholic, because I am not one – I am a Protestant. But US actor Martin Sheen is making claims about his Catholicism, and respectfully, I probably make a better Catholic than he

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Culture Wars and Worldview Wars

Oct 20, 2008

We are now familiar with the culture wars raging in the Western world. Battles over such things as abortion, or the institution of marriage, are being fiercely contested in many places. And it often seems that the opposing camps will

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Whither the Culture Wars?

Sep 8, 2006

Those involved in the culture wars (such as myself) often are asked if this may not be at best a distraction from the gospel or at worst, a perversion of it. ‘Why waste time tying to reform society? Just save

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Why Fight the Culture Wars?

Sep 2, 2006

CultureWatch is many things, but it is certainly about engaging in the culture wars we find ourselves in. Not everyone is convinced this is a worthwhile calling. Some say it is a waste of time, or not a biblical priority.

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Why the Church is Losing in the Culture Wars

Mar 3, 2004

The steady march of those who seek to undermine pro-family and pro-life values continues unabated. Various activist groups are making great headway in the face of apathy and indifference from the general public. But too often their causes are greatly

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