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A New Stolen Generation

Aug 10, 2012

Children are being stolen away from the two most important people they will ever know – their own biological mother and father. When this happens by accident we rightly show pity for them and seek to get them into the

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Social Engineers and the Abuse of Children

Oct 18, 2011

Whenever the radicals seek to remake society in their own image, there will always be casualties. And invariably children will be among the first to suffer. All these activists are concerned about is their own selfish agenda, and they don’t

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On Social Workers and Arsonists

Feb 11, 2009

There was a lead letter in today’s Melbourne Age which caught my attention. It is a letter so very typical of the Age. The newspaper is a hotbed of trendy radicalism, secularism, and feel-good liberalism. Its editorial stances are

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Children as Guinea Pigs

Feb 11, 2009

The desire for people, especially women, to have children is of course normal, but one has to ask if homosexual or lesbian parenting is desirable. Homosexuals may claim that there is no reason why they should not raise children, that

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Rainbow Repression: A Tale of Two Ads

Sep 2, 2017

I have said it repeatedly, but since it does not seem to be sinking in, I will keep saying it. If the bullying, intimidation, repression and assaults on traditional families and religious freedom are this bad now, just imagine how

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Yes Marriage Really Is About Children

Aug 25, 2017

George Orwell once said: “We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” There are plenty of such truths that have long been buried under ideologies, political correctness,

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Now They Are Targeting Our Two-Year-Olds

Mar 28, 2017

So now the activists are blatantly setting their sights on our preschool and kindergarten kids. Two recent developments in the culture wars should send shivers up the spine of every single parent reading this. And if you live in the

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How To Destroy a Culture and Our Children

Aug 17, 2016

If a race of hostile aliens from another planet wanted to know how to destroy the West from within, they could scarcely improve upon what we are already doing to ourselves. By dumbing down an entire generation, teaching them to

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Gender Benders Harming our Children

Mar 9, 2016

The sexual revolutionaries have done more to destroy culture, society, marriage, family and all that has made the West great than perhaps any other radical activist movement. Every day we find the bitter fruit of this wrecking crew. And sadly

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Get Your Hands Off Our Children

Mar 6, 2016

Hot on the heels of the annual parade of sleaze and perversion in Sydney tonight, attended for the first time ever by our Prime Minister, as well as Opposition Leader, and with police and other groups in attendance, we have

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IVF, Babies and Frozen Peas

Apr 17, 2015

So what do babies and peas have in common? Well, both can be frozen and later thawed. While it is convenient for us to eat vegetables in this fashion, babies are not vegetables. Yet unborn babies are treated in similar

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Day Care Blues

Apr 23, 2014

Over 30 years ago social analyst Peter Drucker wrote this about the rise and rise of Western daycare, “We are busily unmaking one of the proudest social achievements in the nineteenth century, which was to take married women out of

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The Facts on Fatherlessness, Part Two

May 17, 2013

Mental, emotional and physical well-being

  • From nations as diverse as Finland and South Africa, a number of studies have reported that anywhere from 50 to 80 per cent of psychiatric patients come from broken homes.
  • A Canadian study of teenagers
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The War on Mothers and Fathers

Sep 26, 2012

The push for special rights for homosexuals, including marriage and adoption rights, of necessity means the destruction of motherhood and fatherhood. Gendered parenthood, as has always been understood, is the latest casualty in this ongoing assault on children, parents, marriage,

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