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Biblical Illiteracy

Apr 18, 2011

As I travel around the country – and overseas – speaking at churches, Bible colleges, Christian conventions, and so on, one thing I find is the alarming increase in biblical illiteracy. Many believers simply seem to have very little grasp

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Dealing with Cults

Jan 6, 2016

Just this morning a Christian friend in another country contacted me, greatly worried about family members who had obviously gotten themselves involved in a deceptive and nutty cult. She was terribly concerned – and rightly so – about all this

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No Spiritual Shortcuts

Dec 31, 2013

Want to be a first-rate Olympic athlete? You gotta work at it and practice incessantly. Want to be the best pianist around? You have to practice like mad. Want to be the best husband you can possibly be? You have

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Prostitution and Sexual Trafficking

May 9, 2012

While libertarians like Ron Paul want to legalise prostitution, those who have actually been involved with this sordid trade know just how wretched it is, and why it never should be legalised. The harm it does to women, men, children,

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May 13, 2010

OK, when was the last time you heard a sermon warning against worldliness? I suspect for most believers it would have been a very long time indeed. There are several reasons for this. Likely it is because we are in

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