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Cloning and Stem Cell Truths

Nov 1, 2006

The debate over cloning and stem cell research is vitally important because the focal point of these new biotechnologies is human life. How we are to regard the concepts of personhood and humanity are not new discussions, but they take

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Getting Real on Stem Cells

Sep 4, 2006

The embryo stem cell (ESC) hype continues to bubble along, with a seeming avalanche of support from the media and many of our ruling elites. Adult stem cells (ASCs) continue to be ignored, despite their great success, while ESCs are

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Stem Cell Deception

Aug 19, 2006

In both Australia and America there is a major battle taking place over stem cell research. As readers of this site will be aware, there are two main sources of stem cells: embryos, or non-embryos. Adult stem cells (ASCs) have

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Clarity on Stem Cells Needed

Aug 7, 2006

There is a lot of clouded thinking on the issue of stem cell research. A good case in point is an editorial in today’s Australian (August 7). It suffers not just from mental fatigue, but ethical myopia.

Entitled “Let the

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The Stem Cell Debate

Sep 2, 2005

The issues of cloning in general and stem cell research in particular have swamped the media during the past several years.  As in earlier debates about abortion and euthanasia, there are many issues to sort through – issues of

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Redundant Males, Redundant Humanity

Jul 9, 2009

Two recent bioethics announcements have added a few more nails to the coffin of humanity. While these new biomedical breakthroughs promise much about medical research, cures, and progress, what they are really about is the end of man – both

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Babies No, Whales Yes

Mar 10, 2009

The twin headlines in a Sunday newspaper said it all: “US ends stem cell ban;” “Obama’s whale stance”. Here we have more proof – as if more proof was needed – that America has the most pro-death president ever. Obama

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Abortion, Logic and Morality

Jun 22, 2008

It seems the more controversial an issue is, the more sloppy the thinking and the more immoral the evaluation. Abortion is a good case in point. It is an issue immersed in convoluted and confused reasoning, and cloudy and questionable

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Cloning is Anti-Women and Anti-Science

Nov 11, 2006

Despite the number of credible scientists who argued against human cloning, the Australian Senate nonetheless went ahead and voted for it to occur here. Not only have scientists been warning about the dangerous direction of cloning, but many women’s groups

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Verbal Engineering and Bio-engineering

Nov 3, 2006

Because the stakes are so high with many of the new biotechnologies, proponents of them often resort to word games to cover up what is really going on. Euphemisms are used to conceal the ugly realities of some of the

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No Cloning

Oct 12, 2006

As the Federal Government still debates the issue of human cloning, the impression remains that on the one side of the debate are scientists, and on the other are religious folk. The media likes to pretend that this is a

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Science Sham and Embryo Hype

Sep 1, 2006

Last week all the world’s media was abuzz with reports of a new stem cell extraction method which purportedly leaves the embryo alive. I penned a summary of the news and various concerns about it last week for this website.

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Science, Ethics and the Media

Jul 1, 2002

There has been a noticeable shift over the past fifty years concerning those whom society, and the media, look to as authority figures, as sources of truth and values. For centuries pastors and priests were seen as sources of

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Pepsi and Dead Babies

Mar 6, 2012

For some time now we have known that the taste of Pepsi is based in part on the use of aborted babies. And now the Obama administration informs us that this is no big deal – just business as usual.

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