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On False Prophets

Sep 10, 2015

One has to speak about false prophets so often because there are so many of them around. Scripture throughout warns against false prophets, and we must take this matter quite seriously indeed. Jesus spoke often about false prophets and the

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Away With Your False Gospels

Jan 1, 2014

OK, it is the New Year, so no sense in beating around the bush. I have resolved to keep promoting truth in 2014, regardless of how many people take offense and/or break fellowship with me. Time is short, truth matters,

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When False Prophets Arise

Oct 29, 2008

“Be on your guard.” That is a message found constantly in the New Testament. There is much to be alert about. For example, Jesus solemnly warned about false teachers who would come in and deceive his followers. He could

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On Cultic Christian Trolls

Dec 28, 2016

Yep, we have all encountered them. They are a real worry, and they seem to be everywhere of late. They are utterly convinced of their various pet beliefs, and will challenge everyone about them. These are folks who just love

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Osteen’s Wide Road To Hell

Jun 24, 2015

It is not my desire to always point out the dangerous teachings of mega-preachers. Indeed, I take no pleasure in it. But when they keep coming out informing us just how proud they are of pushing lies and falsehoods which

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Getting the Gospel Right

Sep 10, 2014

There is perhaps nothing that has been entrusted to us as God’s people that is more serious, important and precious than the gospel message. Every single person who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ has been given as

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Bravery in Action (Or Missing in Action?)

Jan 28, 2011

Many would be aware of how a gallant Australian soldier was recently awarded the Victoria Cross. Last week Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith received the honour for his courageous actions in the field of battle in Afghanistan as he took on Taliban

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Progressive Christianity

Jan 23, 2011

It took me less than five seconds to decide whether or not to keep a flyer I found in my mailbox. The 12-pager came from a local Uniting Church, and was full of descriptions about activities it was offering. This

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More Marriage and Family Warfare

Jan 13, 2011

The greater something is, the more likely it will be attacked. The greatest social institutions of all time, marriage and family, are now under severe assault, and have been for quite some time now. Certainly since the cultural revolution of

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Watering Down the Christian Message

Dec 18, 2010

There are always attempts being made to water down the Christian story, and that is certainly true at Christmas time. What is meant to be the celebration of the birth of the Saviour of the world is reduced to a

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The Sin of Tolerance

Nov 10, 2010

Tolerance is all the rage today, and perhaps no other value is so trumpeted in modern Western culture than this one. It is the ultimate test of whether one is politically correct or not. But the modern notion of tolerance

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Are You In the Battle?

Jul 9, 2010

It is amazing how much the Bible speaks about the walk of the believer as being one of a life of battle. And it is equally amazing how many believers are either oblivious to these battles waging around them, or

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Another Jesus

Jun 8, 2010

That biblical Christianity is an exclusive religion clearly distinguished from other truth claims and religious expressions is clear simply from taking the words of Jesus at face value. No one reading the four Gospels without some preconceived agenda can overlook

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On Other Worldviews

Jul 30, 2007

We live in a pluralistic world, with a plurality of ideas, philosophies, beliefs and religions. How are we to treat these various belief systems and worldviews? Just how should the believer interact with those of differing faiths, or no faith

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