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Islam and Female Genital Mutilation

Jun 10, 2013

It is quite common when discussing this topic for critics to say that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an ancient and widespread practice, and has nothing to do with Islam as such. Well, the critics are right about the first

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Burqa Wars and Public Policy

Apr 3, 2007

In the recent film, The Children of Men (based on the 1992 P.D. James novel), illegal immigrants in a futuristic UK are rounded up and caged like animals. That is one way to deal with the problem of foreigners. A

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Unrestricted IVF: Who Protects the Child?

Jul 23, 2000

The Infertility Treatment Authority recently put on a one-day public seminar in Melbourne entitled “The Welfare and Interests of Persons Born as a Result of Assisted Reproduction”. A number of speakers involved in or associated with the IVF industry were

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These Guys Are Utter Moonbeams

Jun 2, 2016

For those who adhere to the Judeo-Christian worldview, we know that one of the earliest creative acts by God was the creation of mankind. And this was a very specified creation. As we read in Genesis 1:26-27: “Then God said,

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Islam Around the World

Oct 13, 2014

OK, it’s been another week, so we have plenty more stories from the religion of peace. No matter what part of the globe we are discussing, we have many more very disturbing reports about things being done in the name

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Creeping Sharia: Lessons From the UK

May 6, 2012

All over the Western world we see prime examples of creeping sharia and the Islamisation of free, democratic societies. And as more and more of this occurs, the less free and democratic these societies become. One nation that seems to

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When the Church Loses Its Way

Jun 1, 2001

The ink had just dried on a piece I wrote critical of a new book on homosexuality and the church by the Anglican Church doctrine committee, when the May 28 Australian ran an opinion piece that nearly made me unload

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