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Thinking About Hell

Jun 22, 2012

It is not just believers who ponder things like heaven and hell – academics can and do as well. Consider one American academic who has just released a fascinating study on this topic. It reveals some real interesting results which

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On Divine Jealousy

Jan 18, 2011

A sad reality is that many people who call themselves Christians really believe and act little differently than atheists. Both share a common trait. Both don’t want God meddling in their lives. Both live and act as if they are

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On ‘Lordship Salvation,’ Part Two

Feb 9, 2013

There are those who claim that a Christian is one who merely accepts Christ as Saviour, but not as Lord. In Part One of this article I examined the historical backdrop to this claim, and began a critical assessment of

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More Readings in Historical Theology

Jan 12, 2011

Since my last article on this topic drew a number of comments (I was expecting only one or two), maybe it is worth writing more on some important books in church history and historical theology. I realise that I will

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