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Right and Wrong Interfaith Dialogue

Sep 19, 2006

Most attempts at interfaith dialogue are doomed from the start, as they play down real differences between religions, and appeal to a lowest common denominator. As any serious student of the world’s major religions will attest, there exist very big

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On Dealing With Opposition

Feb 24, 2015

We all have opposition. Here I mean primarily intellectual, theological or ideological opponents. How are Christians to respond to them? What is the right way to respond? Should we always respond? Is it better to sometimes just ignore our opponents?

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Lessons From Numbers

Feb 8, 2013

No, this is not about some counting quiz, or fun things we can get from math. It is about some spiritual lessons and truths derived from the Old Testament book of Numbers, a book I have just again gone through

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Good News for Muslims

Dec 7, 2008

Some Christians think that they can help Muslims by affirming them in their faith, and encouraging them to be good Muslims. That is more or less how Christians in the interfaith movement operate. But there are other Christians who think

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