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This Scriptural Word Has a Sting in Its Tale

Mar 8, 2017

OK, there would be various phrases and sentences in the Bible which are encouraging and uplifting, but are also ominous, even frightening. One prime candidate of such a two-edged sword would be Revelation 2:21: “I have given her time to

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European Decline, European Renewal

May 13, 2014

My whirlwind trip through Europe is now at an end, with my last days being spent in the UK before heading home. While revisiting Europe has been great in so many ways, it has also been quite depressing in other

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Turning the Porn Tide?

Apr 5, 2010

Two articles in the papers offer a glimmer of hope that the porn avalanche may be meeting a bit of resistance. It is early days yet, but these news items may well be the harbinger of more good news to

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On Values, Sacrifice and Priorities

Mar 30, 2008

What a culture prioritises tells us a lot about its moral and spiritual condition. And what it doesn’t prioritise also tells us quite a bit. It seems that as we move further and further away from the Judeo-Christian foundations upon

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The Ongoing Death of Europe

Dec 27, 2016

It was Christianity that helped to create the West, including Europe, and it is the erosion of Christianity and the rise of Islam that is destroying the West – especially Europe. We see evidence of this everywhere, and the future

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The Book of Lamentations

Oct 22, 2015

Why do I suspect that most Christians have given this Old Testament book a wide berth, and never bothered to read it? While perhaps most Western Christians may not have even read the entire OT, many would be put off

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