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Yes Porn Harms

Dec 9, 2015

Governments can be rather schizophrenic when it comes to looking after the wellbeing of the community. It may crack down on, restrict, or even ban certain things which are in fact perhaps not such a big deal, while allowing other

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Say No to Drug Injecting Rooms

Feb 6, 2017

The drug legalisation activists are ever at work to push their agenda, and any excuse will do to further bring about their aims. When reports about how people die from drug overdoses make the news, for example, they will argue

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Drug Legalisation Myths, Part One

Feb 18, 2014

There are many arguments given by leftists, civil libertarians and others for the harm minimisation policies and the liberalisation of drug laws. They are heard over and over again, and these mantras tend to be taken as gospel truth simply

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Say No To Needle Distribution Programs

Feb 5, 2014

Harm minimisation advocates often claim that the distribution of clean syringes will help protect addicts from infectious diseases and protect the community at large. Thus they are often promoting things like heroin injecting rooms, needle-exchange programs, and the like. But

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The Case against Heroin Injecting Rooms

Dec 10, 2012

The so-called harm-minimisation crowd is at it again. Recently we have had yet another call for medically-supervised heroin injecting rooms in Australia. One such proposal is for Footscray in Melbourne’s west. The claim is that this will save lives and

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A Conflict of Visions

Oct 19, 2007

With the Federal election now well underway, it is time to turn the spotlight on some of the competing visions of the two main political parties. This essay will examine some of the philosophical distinctions between the two parties, outlining

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Getting Serious About Drugs

Oct 2, 2007

Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop and her colleagues on a House of Representatives Committee have a lot of guts. They have been willing to take on one of the most politically correct entrenched bureaucracies around today, the drug harm minimisation crowd.

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Labor’s Drug Policy

Oct 22, 2002

The push by the Labor Government to soften Victorians up to a permissive policy on drugs has gone quiet lately (except for a major blunder by the Consumer Affairs Minister – more on that in a moment). But that is

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Sex Zone Plan Abandoned

Aug 13, 2002

The Victorian Government and the Port Phillip Council have abandoned their plans for tolerance zones for St Kilda’s sex workers.

The decision comes after local residents expressed their outrage and concern at the proposed red-light districts. After continuous strong showings

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A review of PC, M.D. by Sally Satel.

Jul 6, 2001

Basic Books, 2000.

This book has a simple theme: Political Correctness has entered the medical profession. The politicisation and radicalisation of health professionals and workers has altered the nature of health care work, and has dangerous repercussions for patients and

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Follow the Swedish Model

Jul 15, 2000

In June over 200 people gathered in Sydney’s Parliament House for Drug Summit 2000. Organised by Major Brian Watters of the Salvation Army, Jill Pearman of Drug Watch, and Rev Fred Nile MLC, the three-day summit brought together experts in

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Libertarians and Atheists: A Dangerous Mix

Mar 19, 2007

Not all atheists are civil libertarians, and not all libertarians are atheists. But much like salt and pepper, more often than not they go together. A good case in point is Australian columnist Phillip Adams. He is both a card-carrying

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Questionable Legal Advice for Young People

Feb 21, 2003

A new taxpayer-funded booklet put out by the Victorian Government for young people has attracted widespread criticism. The 62-page booklet, entitled Am I Old Enough?, is meant to be a guidebook on the law for Victorian young people. Over 225,000

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