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The Case against Heroin Injecting Rooms

Dec 10, 2012

The so-called harm-minimisation crowd is at it again. Recently we have had yet another call for medically-supervised heroin injecting rooms in Australia. One such proposal is for Footscray in Melbourne’s west. The claim is that this will save lives and

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The Battle For Our Children

Jul 15, 1998

These are not good days for our children. Most adults can simply compare their own childhoods with those of today’s young people to see that a major shift has taken place in our society. We have gone from being a

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Five Brave Women Taking on Sharia Law

Feb 20, 2017

Sharia law has no place in democratic societies. Its principles are anathema to freedom, the rule of law, and genuine pluralism. Yet plenty of folks are seeking to bring sharia law into the West. Thankfully there are those who are

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Drug Legalisation Myths, Part One

Feb 18, 2014

There are many arguments given by leftists, civil libertarians and others for the harm minimisation policies and the liberalisation of drug laws. They are heard over and over again, and these mantras tend to be taken as gospel truth simply

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Hollywood, Australia, and Historical Revisionism

Dec 13, 2008

That filmmakers take a bit of artistic license with their products is nothing new. It happens quite often. Indeed, films purporting to deal with historical events can often be radically skewed because of the filmmaker’s political and ideological stance.


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Christian Compassion and Injecting Rooms

Jul 19, 2000

There has been a lot of debate lately about the issue of heroin injecting rooms. Voices from all sides are being heard on the issue, and the controversy often sheds more heat than light.  The Christian community has also

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Follow the Swedish Model

Jul 15, 2000

In June over 200 people gathered in Sydney’s Parliament House for Drug Summit 2000. Organised by Major Brian Watters of the Salvation Army, Jill Pearman of Drug Watch, and Rev Fred Nile MLC, the three-day summit brought together experts in

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