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Husic, Parliament and Creeping Sharia

Jul 4, 2013

By now all of you would have heard about the first Australian front bencher being sworn in, using a Koran instead of the Bible. Ed Husic, a Labor MP from western Sydney was appointed a Parliamentary Secretary this week, and

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Clear Thinking on Islam and the Left

Feb 27, 2013

In 2009 Jamie Glazov wrote an important volume entitled United in Hate. In it he spoke about how the political left in the West has time and time again sided with America’s totalitarian enemies, most often of late, the

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Faith, Foundations, and National Survival

Dec 4, 2012

A nation cut adrift from its own history and identity will not long last. The traditions, beliefs, values and heritage of a nation can be undermined through neglect, revisionism and direct attack. Those seeking to overthrow a culture know they

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Marriage Wars and the Urgency of the Hour

Sep 14, 2012

All over the West the Judeo-Christian heritage is under blistering attack from all sides. Many nations are going under, and none are safe. The radical secular humanists and leftists have been waging war on the West for decades now, and

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Francis Schaeffer and Abortion

Jun 30, 2012

There is no question about it: Francis Schaeffer was a prophet. Clear indicators of being a prophet of God include the following traits:
-speaking boldly and uncompromisingly about biblical truth;
-going against the grain and challenging convention;
-speaking truths well

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Why Faith Matters

Sep 9, 2011

If you buy the version of events from uber-atheist Christopher Hitchens, then you will believe that “religion poisons everything”. If you take his word – and that of his atheist buddies like Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris – as your

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Islam, Appeasement, and Western Suicide

Sep 3, 2011

Back in June 2009 President Obama gave a speech in Cairo. In it he said, “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam whenever they appear.” Sorry Barack

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As a New Dark Age Descends Upon the West

Jul 1, 2011

The Judeo-Christian worldview was perhaps the most important element in the rise of Western civilisation. Other factors can be mentioned, but without the biblical worldview and its impact, the West as we know it would never have arisen. Many scholars

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Anzac Day

Apr 25, 2011

While most people enjoy the day off which Anzac Day affords, probably very few actually know what the day signifies. Some may know that it is celebrated every year on April 25. Some may know it has something to do

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What is Conservatism?

Aug 24, 2010

Since I can be described as both a Christian and a conservative, some clarity as to what exactly that means may be in order. Here I wish to concentrate mainly on the second term. Another article would be needed to

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History Wars

May 31, 2010

George Orwell once said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Quite so. It has always been a hallmark of the totalist state to control education and to rewrite history. Those who can

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Morality and Naturalism

Apr 13, 2010

Richard Dawkins and fellow God-hater Christopher Hitchens say they will prosecute the Pope for crimes against humanity. They say his handling of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church warrants such action. They want the Pope arrested when he arrives in

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The Manhattan Declaration

Nov 21, 2009

All around the Western world the Christian church is under attack, and along with it, the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage. It is not just a specific faith which is being ferociously targeted, but all the attendant goods of that faith. Three

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Why the Sun is Setting on England

Jul 2, 2009

In its heyday it was said of the British Empire that the sun never set on it. Because so many lands across the globe bore the English flag, it was once the world’s great superpower. Of course today that grand

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How to Kill a Nation (From Within)

Mar 12, 2009

Enough already. Let’s just get it over with and put this nation out of its misery. How much further down the gurgler can it go? Surely it has reached rock bottom by now, and no amount of CPR is going

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On 1000 Articles

Feb 2, 2009

OK, another cryptic title. Some with a bit of knowledge of ecclesiastical history might be thinking of the 39 Articles (the 1562 Anglican statement of faith). No, that is not quite what I have in mind here. Actually, the title

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