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Lessons From the British Riots

Aug 12, 2011

Since I first wrote on this topic two days ago, a lot more light on what exactly has taken place has been shed, and a lot more informed commentary has been penned as well. All the new information and revelations

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On the British Riots

Aug 10, 2011

With five days of anarchy on the streets, buildings burning, streets unsafe, looters running amok, and already a billion pounds in damages, it is not too soon to start asking a few hard questions concerning the riots in Britain. Why

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Fatherlessness and Violence

Aug 14, 2011

The London riots have simply reconfirmed and graphically illustrated what the social sciences have been telling us for a half century now: when we allow society to disregard the institution of marriage and in fact assault the institution of family,

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On the Syrian Refugees

Sep 7, 2015

There are always certain issues, especially when clouded with emotive media imagery, which can result in people ceasing to reflect critically but simply run on emotions. The refugee issue is one such topic where emoting instead of thinking tends to

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France, Sharia and Jihad

Dec 23, 2014

Islam in Europe is a huge problem, and getting worse by the day. If all Muslims coming to the West readily accepted and embraced our core values and beliefs, we would have no problem. But many do not, and want

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Islam and the West

Oct 9, 2013

How are we to think of the influx of masses of Muslims into the Western world? From a Christian point of view, there are at least two responses. One, because it is well nigh impossible to preach the gospel in

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Never Ending Stealth Jihad

Aug 1, 2013

A political ideology which seeks global hegemony is not relenting in its aims, and continues to steadfastly pursue its objectives. Islam is an expansionist faith which seeks universal submission of all people to the dictates of Allah and sharia law.

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France, Homofascism, and the End of Freedom

Jun 28, 2013

If you want to know what the end of freedom looks like, simply look at France. With the ruling elites aligning themselves with the radical homosexualist agenda, they have declared war on their own citizens. Things are very dark right

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Islam’s Useful Idiots

May 23, 2013

Lenin called gullible Western supporters of communism “useful idiots”. They were utterly naive about the real nature of bloodthirsty communism, and they became terrific apologists for the communist agenda. They aided and abetted the enemy as it sought to take

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It’s a Great Time to Be Alive

Aug 9, 2011

The headlines are looking bleak: another global economic crash seems to be inevitable; cities in Britain are burning; America has for the first time in its history been given a downgraded credit rating; European nations are going bankrupt, and rioting

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Even the Stones Will Speak Out

Mar 5, 2011

As Western culture continues to head straight into the cesspool, there are at least two options. The downward decline will either continue unabated, or some concerned individuals will rise up and shout, ‘Enough is enough’. And sometimes when things get

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The Jihadist World War

Dec 20, 2006

Not too long ago the West was involved in a life and death struggle against totalitarian communism. The battles were being fought across the globe, and the fate of freedom and democracy hung in the balance. Fortunately the West found

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