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Warnings About Riches: New Testament

Jun 10, 2014

The Bible says so very much about the deceptive nature of riches. As we have seen, the Old Testament speaks to this constantly. The New Testament is equally concerned about the dangers of wealth. Only some representative examples can be

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The Consumerist, Market-Orientated Church

Mar 28, 2015

Sadly much of Western Christendom has fallen into two related traps: most Christians are just as consumeristic and materialistic as any non-Christian; and much of our church promotion centres on secular marketing methodology and a fixation on entertainment.

We are

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Your Worst Life Now

Dec 20, 2014

It can be said quite assuredly that America, along with so much of the West, is the home of the most materialistic, consumeristic, self-centred, money-hungry and hedonistic people on earth. Sure, such folks can be found elsewhere, and have been

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On the Colorado Killings

Jul 21, 2012

It is early days yet so only tentative commentary can be offered here. But we do know this much. Last night at a midnight viewing of the latest Batman movie 24-year-old James Holmes killed a dozen people and injured five

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Moral Mayhem and National Suicide

Nov 7, 2011

The fate of a nation’s survival and the state of a nation’s morality are closely intertwined. Mess with a nation’s morals and you will soon see the end of that nation. The enemies of the West have long recognised this

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A Generation of Narcissists

Mar 3, 2011

Sometimes you have to wonder. We have all these eggheads holding major conferences to weigh in on significant issues, but, the truth is, much of this is already glaringly obvious. We don’t actually need academics and elites to tell us

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More Atheist Arrogance

Apr 15, 2009

Another day, another outburst from God-hater Catherine Deveny. The Age atheist is at it again, with yet another juvenile attack on God. Her arrogance and poisonous posturing are really becoming quite tedious and offensive. Consider her opening paragraph:

“Good Friday

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On Celebrating Darwin

Feb 2, 2009

This year we have an important double anniversary of Charles Darwin: the 200th anniversary of his birth, and the 150th anniversary of his classic work, The Origin of the Species. Already plenty of celebrations and commemorative events are under

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Contentment in an Age of Excess

Oct 26, 2007

The biblical understanding of wealth, possessions and stewardship is not easily summarised in a short essay. But even a very brief examination of these issues should certainly include the biblical theme of contentment. The Christian life is to be characterised,

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Youth Suicide and Secularisation

Sep 18, 1998

Australia has one of the highest youth suicide rates among the world’s developed nations, with 27.3 out of 100,000 Australian males aged 15 to 24 expected to kill themselves. In 1996, 2367 Australians killed themselves, and perhaps a quarter of

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The Battle For Our Children

Jul 15, 1998

These are not good days for our children. Most adults can simply compare their own childhoods with those of today’s young people to see that a major shift has taken place in our society. We have gone from being a

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The War Against Our Children

Mar 20, 1997

“It is children’s right to be children, to enjoy the pleasures of a childhood. . . . In the end, a childhood is the most basic human right of children.” So wrote David Elkind in his important 1981 book, The

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