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Hurricane Irma: God and Natural Disasters

Sep 10, 2017

With North America at least very much conscious of natural disasters at the moment, old questions tend to resurface. With a number of massive hurricanes bearing down on America’s southeast, and the biggest earthquake to recently pound Mexico, many people

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How Evangelicals Became Theological Liberals

Jul 7, 2016

Evangelical Christianity has long been known for its emphasis on theological orthodoxy, a high view of Scripture, and an adherence to sound doctrine. Indeed, one of the defining distinctions between evangelicals and theological liberals over the past few centuries was

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In Defence of C. S. Lewis

Jun 12, 2016

This sounds very odd indeed: defend one of the greatest Christian thinkers, authors, scholars and apologists of the past century? Why in the world would I seek to defend someone who has blessed millions, helped millions, and strengthened the faith

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World Congress of Families IX

Oct 28, 2015

The ninth World Congress of Families conference is now underway. The four-day conference is being held in Salt Lake City this year, and it may well be one of the largest, with some 4000 delegates. It has only been on

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On False Prophets

Sep 10, 2015

One has to speak about false prophets so often because there are so many of them around. Scripture throughout warns against false prophets, and we must take this matter quite seriously indeed. Jesus spoke often about false prophets and the

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Christian Missions and Colonialism

Sep 1, 2015

There are plenty of objections which have been raised against Christianity over the centuries. One common complaint is that the history of Christian missions is really the history of oppression, imperialism, chauvinism, exploitation, Eurocentrism, and ugly colonialism.

This is standard

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Fifty Shades of Sleaze

Feb 10, 2015

Disclaimer: I have not read the lousy books and I do not plan to see the lousy movies – so shoot me already. But I don’t need to eat strychnine or drink poison to warn others about it. Moreover, when

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Are We All Children of God?

Jan 17, 2015

A very common – but mistaken – claim made all the time is that we are all God’s children. Whether a person is a Christian or non-Christian, it is asserted that everyone is a child of God. While this may

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On the High Court Marriage Ruling

Dec 12, 2013

I, like many others, just recently wrote, and was elated, about the announcement that the Australian High Court had just struck down the ACT homosexual marriage act. Of course initially we were all responding to what was available – and

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Sugar-Coated Killing

Nov 17, 2013

It is a basic truth that those engaged in evil will try to lie about it, or seek to cover it up with nice-sounding euphemisms. Sure, many are quite bold and forthright about their evil, and don’t even seek to

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Australian Eugenics?

Mar 11, 2012

A major part of the eugenics agenda has always been the sterilisation of those considered to be unfit for procreating. To weed out undesirables and to create a perfect race, the selection of some for sterilisation – and worse –

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On Prayer

Feb 3, 2012

Admittedly, one should be more interested in actually praying, than just talking or writing about it. But there is obviously a place to discuss this, because Jesus himself spent time talking about prayer. He even gave his disciples instructions on

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On Date Setting and the Return of Christ, Part Two

Apr 7, 2011

One believer convinced about the soon return of the Lord described the signs of the times in terms of “the daily records of desolating earthquakes, sweeping fires, distressing poverty, natural perplexity, political profligacy, private bankruptcy, and wide-spread immorality, which abound

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2012 and the End of the World

Nov 17, 2009

If you knew the world was going to end in one week, would you do anything different? I recently posted a question quite similar to that on a social networking website. I received only two responses: one person said ‘yes’

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Why Did Jesus Die? An Easter Story

Apr 2, 2009

At the heart of the Christian gospel is a love story. It is your typical three-part love story: boy meets girl; girl rejects boy; boy wins back girl. God of course is madly in love with us, but we have

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