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Nelson Mandela

Dec 6, 2013

It was not my intention to say anything about this subject, but with so much hagiography and historical revisionism taking place already, even by Christians, it seems a piece to help bring a bit of balance here might be in

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The Truth Deficit

Apr 4, 2012

Lots of people are worried about things like the current accounts deficit or deficit spending. Such things are rather concerning indeed and do rightly occupy our attention. However there is another type of deficit which should concern all of us;

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Notable Christians: G. K. Chesterton

Jan 24, 2011

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) is one of my favourite writers, and his 1908 volume Orthodoxy is one of my favourite books. He was an English writer, apologist, poet, essayist, and journalist. He was extremely prolific, having penned some 80 books,

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