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Hymns, Theology and Spirituality

Feb 15, 2012

One of the greatest sources of Christian theology and spirituality is the old hymns. In marked contrast to most of the worship choruses found in today’s church services, the old hymns were rich depositories of biblical spirituality, theological truth, and

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Truth and Encouragement In Song

Jan 12, 2015

As many of you might know, I am no great fan of contemporary Christian music: far too much silly repetition, vacuous choruses, and theological anaemia for me. Give me the great old hymns of yesteryear which were so very rich

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The Curse of Relevance

Oct 21, 2014

On most occasions when you hear about a church or a pastor seeking to be relevant, you should run for the hills. That is because nine times out of ten, they are willing to abandon clear biblical teachings simply to

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On Our Eternal Destiny

May 15, 2008

One does not wish to speak ill of the dead, and it is not my intention here to do so. But it is my intent to speak of how one believer did speak of the dead recently. I refer to

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“Just As I Am”

Sep 13, 2016

I had various opportunities to hear an American lay preacher and student of revival, Harry Conn last century. He often bemoaned modern evangelicalism and the watered down gospel it offered. He would discuss how our contemporary evangelistic meetings were often

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Victoria: Anti-God and Anti-Life

Nov 27, 2015

“All who hate me [God] love death” (Proverbs 8:36). The two always go together, and we see this perfectly on display in the People’s Republik of Victoria. The Hyper leftist Labor Government under Daniel Andrews keeps on pushing a radical

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The Consumerist, Market-Orientated Church

Mar 28, 2015

Sadly much of Western Christendom has fallen into two related traps: most Christians are just as consumeristic and materialistic as any non-Christian; and much of our church promotion centres on secular marketing methodology and a fixation on entertainment.

We are

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When a Nation Sides With Its Enemies

Dec 20, 2014

Is Australia the only nation in the world that actually sides with its avowed enemies? Is this the only country that experiences a major terror attack on its own streets, and then sides with the attacker against the innocent victims?

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Taqiyya, Dhimmitude and Sydney Terrorism

Dec 16, 2014

It now seems pretty clear that the mainstream media is just about fully in bed with Islam, and will not say a word contrary to it, but will instead accept without question every single line the Muslim apologists throw at

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Great Grace in Great Suffering

Oct 10, 2014

I have said it before, and I might as well keep saying it: contemporary Western Christians are in desperate need of developing a theology of suffering. We have picked up this strange and unbiblical idea that Christians are never supposed

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Make Them Watch

Aug 25, 2014

Although it may not be well known to many people today, when the war in Europe was won by the Allies in 1945, one of the many actions taken to right the wrongs was to force ordinary German citizens to

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On Christian Plagiarism

Apr 8, 2014

OK, here is a little Christian thought experiment. It did not occur to me that Christians might have differing thoughts on this, so I throw it out there to see what you might think. When I first mentioned it elsewhere

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Choosing Death, Choosing Hate

Oct 12, 2013

So, just back from another annual March for the Babies in Melbourne. Wow, what a day. Well done to the 3000 or so brave and committed troopers who came out to stand up for life. They are superstars. And not

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Notable Christians: Fanny Crosby

Sep 2, 2013

Although she may not be a household name to many people – even to many Christians – certainly in the world of hymnody she has few equals. Except for perhaps Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley, she may be our greatest

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The Church and Her Idols

Aug 12, 2013

I recently read an important article called “Why Do So Many Churchgoers Have Abortions?” It is a very good question indeed. But it is really just a subset of a much bigger question: “Why is the church so much like

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