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More Mischief From the Religious Left

Aug 22, 2010

The secular left certainly dislikes religion, but it actually dislikes some religious groupings a lot more than others. The real target of the secular humanists is biblical Christianity. Those who take their biblical faith seriously are the main objects of

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A Review of United in Hate. By Jamie Glazov.

Sep 16, 2009

WND Books, 2009.

One of the great unresolved questions of recent history is why so many members of the Western left have become so besotted with and apologetic for ruthless totalitarian regimes. Whether the Soviet Union, Cuba, or Islamist Iran,

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The Left and Dictatorship

Feb 23, 2008

The stepping aside of Fidel Castro provides a good opportunity to recall how Western lefties have tended to idolise various tyrants, especially Communist dictators. The Left has had a love affair with such thugs, and the irrational devotion bestowed upon

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