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Dawkins, Deism and Jesus

Oct 30, 2008

Arch-atheist Richard Dawkins is an evolutionist. But many are now asking whether the dyed-in-the-wool critic of religion may be, well, evolving in his views about God. You see, in a recent debate with theist and Christian John Lennox, he let

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Yet More Scenes From the Passing Madness

Feb 1, 2012

Sometimes the moonbattery from the secular humanists, the sexual revolutionaries, and the social activists comes in so fast and so furiously, that dealing with each one in individual articles becomes impossible. So here I can only mention a number of

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Telling Lies for Atheism

Apr 29, 2009

In his famous work of fiction, The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevsky observed, through his character Smerdyakov, “For if there’s no everlasting God, there’s no such thing as virtue, and there’s no need of it.”

That seems to be an accurate

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Thinking About Hell

Jun 22, 2012

It is not just believers who ponder things like heaven and hell – academics can and do as well. Consider one American academic who has just released a fascinating study on this topic. It reveals some real interesting results which

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Why Faith Matters

Sep 9, 2011

If you buy the version of events from uber-atheist Christopher Hitchens, then you will believe that “religion poisons everything”. If you take his word – and that of his atheist buddies like Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris – as your

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But What Can I Do?

Sep 19, 2010

On a regular basis I am asked the question, ‘What can I do?’ This usually comes up after I have spoken or written about some issue in the pro-faith, pro-family and pro-life struggles. People are rightly bothered by what they

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When Science Becomes Unscientific

Mar 29, 2007

From around the time of the Enlightenment, science began usurping the role of religion. Prior to then, most people had a high regard for Christianity, for the church, for the local priest, and so on. The priest or pastor was

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Another Atheist Jihad

Dec 28, 2006

It was very thoughtful of Jill Singer to pick Christmas day to launch her atheist jihad in her Herald Sun column. In doing so she not only offended millions of Australian Christians, but those of other faiths as well with

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