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Hurricane Irma: God and Natural Disasters

Sep 10, 2017

With North America at least very much conscious of natural disasters at the moment, old questions tend to resurface. With a number of massive hurricanes bearing down on America’s southeast, and the biggest earthquake to recently pound Mexico, many people

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On Mecca and Natural Disasters

Sep 13, 2015

That all sorts of nasty and destructive things happen in nature is not in dispute. But for the Christian, how much of this might be the result of the direct hand of God is a matter of some debate. The

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God, Providence and Natural Disaster

Feb 3, 2011

The broad issue of God and his providential rule over his creation is a major theological topic. And with yet another national disaster occurring – cyclone Yasi in Queensland – even more questions arise as to God’s relationship to the

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Social Justice, Part One

Aug 8, 2011

Much mischief has been done under the guise of “social justice”. The term has a nice ring to it, but it is a phrase which often means little more than the promotion of radical leftist agendas. Christians of the left

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On Japan

Mar 19, 2011

What can one say on such occasions? Tragedies like this tend to render us speechless and numb. And that is not a bad thing. Better to meditate, ponder and pray than start immediately pontificating. A week has now passed and

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Red Blood on Green Hands

Jan 17, 2011

Concerning our recent flood crisis, there are of course some things out of human control, such as the forces of nature. But some things – like city planning, the building of dams, and so on – are in our control.

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Haiti and Theodicy

Jan 15, 2010

When the great earthquake of 1755 rocked Lisbon, it raised all sorts of questions about God and faith. The quake, along with a devastating tsunami and massive fires, resulted in anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 deaths in Lisbon alone.


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