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Out of Control Abortion Myths

Feb 12, 2017

Whenever the abortion debate comes up, you can expect some pretty wild and woolly offerings from the pro-death camp. They seem to thrive on ad hominem attacks, non-sequiturs, red herrings, emotionalism, and just plain lunacy when it comes to defending

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An “Evolving” Trump?

May 13, 2016

It is getting downright scary how otherwise sensible and sober conservatives are jumping on board the Trump bandwagon because of just one issue or just one thing he recently said or did. Despite the overwhelming mountain of evidence of how

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Clueless Christians and Abortion

May 12, 2015

Whether clueless, wilfully ignorant or deceived, or simply wolves in sheep’s clothing, I continue to be amazed by the number of people who claim to be Christians yet simply parrot all the usual discredited arguments for abortion. It bothers me

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This is Why the Church Is Losing

Nov 16, 2014

Yes, I know: the church wins, at least in the end. The real church of Jesus Christ will ultimately triumph, because Jesus has risen from the grave, and he promises us a final victory. But as Augustine rightly said, the

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Angry Atheists With Nothing To Say

Mar 16, 2014

How can you write an 855-word essay and manage to say basically nothing of any significance? It is not difficult if you are an atheist, and especially if you are writing for the leftist Melbourne Age. The trouble is,

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This Is How They Operate

Mar 6, 2014

With over 25 years involved in debates with all the usual suspects, especially in the mainstream media, I have long ago gotten a pretty good understanding of how the other side operates. And I can tell you that it just

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Prayer, Politics and PC

Jan 19, 2014

Jesus once said that the children of this world are wiser than the children of light (Luke 16:8). By this he meant that sometimes the unredeemed are more shrewd and more in tune with what is going on than the

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When the Hate Pours In

Jan 16, 2012

There is a very familiar pattern that emerges when one gets involved in the culture wars in the public arena. Especially if one is a Christian as well, there is a very predictable course of events which will occur whenever

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More Jaundiced Journalism

Jun 22, 2009

To get a job in the mainstream media today is not all that difficult. Let’s say you want to write for one of the major newspapers, such as the Age or Sydney Morning Herald. You do not necessarily have

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A review of Tactics. By Gregory Koukl.

Jun 12, 2009

Zondervan, 2009 (Available in Australia at Koorong Books)

Well-known Christian apologist Greg Koukl here offers a popular-level approach to defending the faith. The California-based apologist has been arguing for the rationality of the Christian faith and helping believers make a

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The Religious War Against Marriage

May 6, 2008

That there are plenty of secularists who are happy to push the homosexual agenda is not so surprising. What is surprising, and sad, is when Christians get on the bandwagon. When they totally ignore or reject their own biblical absolutes

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More Fuzzy Thinking on Church and State

Feb 11, 2008

The issue of the relationship between church and state is always controversial, and arguments about it tend to generate more heat than light. Much muddled thinking can be seen on this topic. But that tends to be true of most

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Atheism Poisons Everything

Jul 12, 2007

The neo-atheists are having a field day, with vitriol-soaked books pouring from the presses of late. The new militant crusade of the God-haters may indicate a bit of panic on their part. They had long felt that religion was on

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