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Ninety-Nine Shades of Grey

Feb 13, 2012

A clear description of the culture we now live in would go something like this: a hatred of absolutes, a dismissal of universals, an abhorrence of truth, and a disdain of certainty. Instead, we find an all-encompassing embrace of relativism,

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Fifty Shades of Sleaze

Feb 10, 2015

Disclaimer: I have not read the lousy books and I do not plan to see the lousy movies – so shoot me already. But I don’t need to eat strychnine or drink poison to warn others about it. Moreover, when

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No Practicing Porn Stars in Heaven

Jun 25, 2017

I know what you are thinking: ‘Bill sure comes up with some jarring titles every once in a while.’ Porn stars? Heaven? What is this all about? All will be revealed shortly. But let me introduce what I want to

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On Books, Reading and Libraries

Sep 7, 2016

Anyone who knows me realises that any excuse will do for buying books, reading books, and writing about books. So a few recent articles about books were enough of an excuse for me to put pen to paper – or

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More Mindboggling Gosford Lunacy

Jul 2, 2016

Just when you thought things could not get any more bizarre and perverse at the Gosford Anglican Church with its hyper-leftist leader Rod Bower, it just has. This is one of the crazier – yet sadly still typical – things

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Relativism Reeks

Jun 30, 2015

There are various forms of relativism, such as the belief that all truth is relative. Here I want to address more specifically the notion of moral relativism. This is the belief that morality is dependent upon one’s opinion, taste, preference

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Antinomianism and the Hyper Grace Error

Feb 16, 2015

“There is nothing new under the sun” we are told in Ecclesiastes 1:9. And as Santayana once remarked, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. The same goes for church history, which

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Sin, Sleaze and Hyper Grace

Feb 15, 2015

One of the biggest problems in the Christian church in the West today is that of antinomianism. The Greek word for law is nomos, and most folks know what the prefix anti means, so this term basically means “against

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The Crisis of the American Church

Feb 11, 2015

I hate to say it, but it grieves me greatly whenever I start thinking about the state of Christianity in America. Every time I hear about what is happening there, it makes me groan within. I sometimes wonder if America

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Speaking the Truth in Love

Dec 3, 2013

The Christian life, as I have said repeatedly, is often about getting the biblical balance right. Both in terms of beliefs as well as behaviour, there are many unhelpful and unbiblical extremes Christians can gravitate to, and we must always

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The Importance of Truth

Sep 25, 2013

In contemporary culture truth decay is a massive problem. That idea that there is fixed, absolute truth which applies to us all is rejected by most people. In terms of what we can know, black and white has been replaced

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The Truth Gap

Jul 27, 2012

The longer I am involved in speaking around the country – and overseas – the greater one gap becomes: I keep getting older of course but I continue to speak to groups of young people. So one can certainly speak

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Why the Demand For Homosexual Marriage?

Mar 24, 2012

As I have carefully documented in my new book, Strained Relations, not only do most people not give a rip about homosexual marriage, but nor do most homosexuals. It was never even on the radar until just recently, but

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Jesus or the Emergents?

Apr 17, 2011

I have said elsewhere that if the emergent church with its emphasis on doubt, questioning everything, and suspicion about and hostility toward certainty would have been in charge for the past two millennia, there never would have been any Christian

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A Review of Love Wins. By Rob Bell.

Apr 15, 2011

HarperOne, 2011.

You can always tell when someone is losing the plot biblically speaking. Whenever the mainstream media starts lapping up what you have to say, then you need to worry about whether you can still maintain your Christian credentials.

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Time To Put Jesus on the Couch

Mar 28, 2011

The more nonsense I see emanating from so-called evangelical Christians, the more I despair. On a daily basis we see the faith once delivered by the saints being ripped to pieces by trendy upstarts. And so much of this is

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