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Victoria’s Killing Machine

Sep 23, 2017

There are many times when it is very good advice not to believe what a politician tells you. And when a politician tries to tell you that he is offering you the ‘safest euthanasia bill in the world,’ then you

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Targeting Conservatives – Literally

Jun 15, 2017

In a genuine act of political terrorism and an actual despicable hate crime, a leftwing Trump-hater has just recently gone on a shooting spree, targeting Republican politicians practicing for a bi-partisan baseball game. As you know, five people have been

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The Call of God

Sep 30, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, everything about the Christian life – from start to finish – is due to the initiative of God. God always takes the first step. We at best respond to his gracious overtures and agree with

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On 3000

Aug 19, 2014

So, when’s the last time you wrote four million words? If you were to ask me that, I would have to say, “Well, in the past decade or so”. For good or ill, that is exactly what I have done.

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Notable Christians: Fanny Crosby

Sep 2, 2013

Although she may not be a household name to many people – even to many Christians – certainly in the world of hymnody she has few equals. Except for perhaps Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley, she may be our greatest

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Charging For the Ministry

Apr 7, 2013

Many people reject Christianity because they perceive it to be a big money-making racket. And sadly for far too many Christian leaders and ministries it does seem that way. They not only preach a gospel of prosperity (‘God wants you

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Celebrating 2000

Mar 16, 2012

So we now mark the 2000th. No, I am not referring to the number of books I have bought in the past few years (although the figure would not be far off). No I am not referring to all the

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And They Call This Debate?

Sep 6, 2011

Anyone who has been involved in the culture wars for a while, or has publicly stood up for faith, family, and life, will know just how ugly things can get, and just how the other side tends to operate. After

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On Reaching 1500

Nov 24, 2010

No I am not that old – although I sometimes feel that way. I am referring to a small milestone which took place last week while in Perth. Amidst a busy schedule there, I managed to pen my 1500th article.

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Fr Paul Marx, RIP

Mar 31, 2010

On March 20 Father Paul Marx passed away. He founded Human Life International and was involved in pro-life activism for forty years. Pope John Paul II called him “the Apostle of Life.” And President Ronald Reagan once said to him,

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Notable Christians: A. W. Tozer

Oct 2, 2009

(This is hopefully the first in an irregular series of articles about Christians of note – at least Christians who I have a lot of time for. They will include pastors, theologians, missionaries, and other sorts of Christians who I

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A Tale of Two Men

Sep 22, 2008

Actually this is mostly the tale of one important man. But since I have discovered many parallels with his life and my own, I will use this opportunity to tell his story, along with bits of my own. This is

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The Ugly Face of Feminism

Jan 23, 2012

I have already briefly spoken to a quite appalling opinion piece by a noted feminist, but because of more pressing engagements – the celebration of my 30th wedding anniversary – I was rightly pulled away from a proper assessment of

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