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Islam, Appeasement, and Western Suicide

Sep 3, 2011

Back in June 2009 President Obama gave a speech in Cairo. In it he said, “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam whenever they appear.” Sorry Barack

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Good Intentions Are No Match for Stupidity

Sep 28, 2014

Sometimes the most clueless and brainless people around are sadly those who call themselves Christians. They have such a warped understanding of their own faith that they can often say and do the most idiotic and unhelpful things imaginable.


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The Islamo-Homo States of America

Jun 4, 2013

It is becoming increasingly clear that the current American President has the total deconstruction of the United States as his goal. He is steadily working to remake America into his own perverted image. And the two things he seems to

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Elijah and Baalists in Ecumenical Service

Jun 7, 2011

In an unprecedented move to show unity, love, respect and interfaith cooperation, the prophet Elijah has announced that he will be holding a major ecumenical service with the prophets of Baal this coming Sabbath. Calling the event “Faith Shared” the

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Why Radical Agendas are Winning

Jun 2, 2011

It seems that faith and family values are continuously under assault, and those pushing radical social engineering agendas are getting a free ride. They certainly have been quite successful at ramming through their agendas despite an often unwilling public.


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On Muslim/Christian Relations

Mar 22, 2008

A few days ago there were press reports about Anglican and Catholic churches hosting Muslims during the Easter celebrations. Sponsored by the Australian Intercultural Society, the reports said that the aim was to help promote better understanding between Christians and

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Right and Wrong Interfaith Dialogue

Sep 19, 2006

Most attempts at interfaith dialogue are doomed from the start, as they play down real differences between religions, and appeal to a lowest common denominator. As any serious student of the world’s major religions will attest, there exist very big

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