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Home Truths on Family

Dec 13, 2014

We know that as the family goes, so goes the nation. No society can survive without strong families. That is why the enemies of society in the West have always worked so hard, targeting families. Once the family is weakened

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More Madness from Our Elites

Nov 2, 2011

Leave it to our academics to come up with more mindless and amoral foolishness. Our ruling elites are becoming more reckless and absurd each passing day. And we as a society have to pay the price for their radical social

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The Ongoing War on Homeschoolers

Feb 23, 2017

Modern mass public education is a relatively new phenomenon. It has been a mixed bag, depending on what people expect from it. If the idea is to simply provide everyone with a general education, that might be a good thing.

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The War Against Parents

Mar 11, 2016

In 1996 Hillary Clinton famously pushed the line that it takes a village to raise a child. Of course that was simply leftist code word for letting the state usurp the role of the parents. The truth is, it takes

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The Australian Sodomy Party

Jul 27, 2015

While the Australian Greens probably already own the title of being the sodomy party, the recent Federal Labor Party conference established Labor as worthy recipients of this [dis]honour as well. Instead of dealing with vital concerns like health and education

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SCOTUS and the New Homo-Tyranny

Jun 28, 2015

Anyone with their eyes open, and/or not pushing the secular left agenda, should know by now that when special rights and marriage rights are granted to homosexuals, everything changes, and those who suffer the greatest are biblical Christians.

The two

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When Will This Hysteria Die Down?

May 1, 2015

I refer here to the hyper emotionalism and cloudy thinking of way too many Christians in the case of two convicted criminals who met their end recently in Indonesia. I certainly did not plan to say anything further on all

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The Consumerist, Market-Orientated Church

Mar 28, 2015

Sadly much of Western Christendom has fallen into two related traps: most Christians are just as consumeristic and materialistic as any non-Christian; and much of our church promotion centres on secular marketing methodology and a fixation on entertainment.

We are

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Islam, Polygamy and Western Subsidies

Sep 23, 2014

In Islam Muhammad is seen as the perfect example of life and conduct for Muslim males. Thus if he had many wives, then they can too. While Muhammad was granted special privileges and thus had around 13 wives (see sura

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New Zealand Christianity

Jul 26, 2014

I happen to be in New Zealand now, and it just happens to be the bicentenary of its Christian beginnings. That story will be outlined shortly, but the sad thing is to see the contrasts with then and now. While

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Umm, We Told You So

Jul 10, 2014

A broken record can sure become tedious, and I realise that the constant flow of evidence that I offer about the slippery slope can become tiring after a while. But truth matters, and as long as the activists lie through

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On Loneliness

Apr 12, 2014

I write this for two simple reasons: One, there are plenty of lonely people out there, even Christians; and secondly, I have been reading about David’s unpleasant experiences in 2 Samuel of late. So let me tie these two together

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Time To Stop Promoting This Deathstyle

Nov 26, 2013

You know the end of Western civilisation is near when our elites, eggheads and rulers turn virtue into vice and vice into virtue. When they actually promote that which is not only morally wrong, but just plain deadly, then it

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Labor/Green Hatred and Intolerance

Nov 1, 2013

The New South Wales Labor Party and the Greens have combined to demonstrate their full commitment to promoting the homosexual agenda and standing against any Christian institutions which dare to resist it. They have shown their contempt for the people

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Kate, Sex, Lies and the Truth

May 27, 2013

Here is another story you likely did not hear about in the lamestream media. And if you did, you would have gotten a terribly one-sided slant on all this. So how many of you know about Kaitlyn Hunt? Nope, didn’t

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Whom the Gods Would Destroy…

Apr 25, 2013

OK, so Euripides is not a contemporary observer of modern culture. In fact he lived some 2,500 years ago. But his pithy little aphorism is most appropriate for the West in 2013. He of course famously said this: “Whom the

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