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This is Islam – This is What Islam Does

Mar 29, 2016

‘Bodies flying through the air.’ ‘Blood on the streets.’ ‘Human flesh on the walls.’ Another day, another series of terrorist attacks. But not just any old terrorist attacks – these are specifically, and relentlessly, Islamic terrorist attacks. These attacks are

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Islam and Rape Jihad

Jan 11, 2016

The mass rapes being played out in Europe right now by Muslim migrants is not surprising if you know much about Islam. Of course the trouble is, most folks do not know much about Islam. Sadly this even goes for

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Islam Advances While the West Sleeps

Oct 5, 2015

Islam has a game plan. The West just plays games. That is why, unless things change drastically, the West will lose and Islam will triumph. The 1400-year old dream of a global caliphate established by aggressive Islamic imperialism remains on

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Carson, Islam and the White House

Sep 22, 2015

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson has gotten a lot of leftists and Muslims upset by saying he does not think a Muslim should be president of the US. That has got the chattering classes going ballistic of course, and Muslim groups

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When the West Lies About Islam

Nov 10, 2014

All over the West we are inundated with apologists for Islam, who are either completely deceived about the real nature of the political ideology, or are deliberately lying to push the Islamic agenda for whatever reason. And the enemies of

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Islam According to its Own Sources

Nov 7, 2014

With Islam becoming such a huge issue of concern right around the world, it is incumbent upon all of us to seek to educate ourselves about this religion and political ideology. We don’t have to become experts in Islam, but

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Alicia Gali, Women and Islam

Mar 17, 2014

So why write about a particular story which first took place some six years ago now? Because this tragic case is all too representative of how women are treated in Islam – even how Australian women are treated in Muslim-majority

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Islam and Sexual Perversion

Oct 10, 2013

What gives Muslims the right to have so many wives and even child brides? The answer is easy: their prophet did all this, and since he is regarded as the perfect example for humanity, it is incumbent upon all good

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Islam, Taqiyya and TV

Jul 3, 2013

Most people do not know about the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya, which gives permission to Muslims to deceive infidels in the cause of Islam. It justifies the use of deception, lies and subterfuge to advance the spread of Islam.

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Islam’s Useful Idiots

May 23, 2013

Lenin called gullible Western supporters of communism “useful idiots”. They were utterly naive about the real nature of bloodthirsty communism, and they became terrific apologists for the communist agenda. They aided and abetted the enemy as it sought to take

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Woolwich: Islam According to the Book

May 23, 2013

By now most of you would have heard about the latest Islamic attack on non-Muslims, this time in the UK. A British military man in southeast London was repeatedly stabbed to death, along with an attempt to behead him. The

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Islam and Christianity: Major Differences

Mar 18, 2013

Those who argue that Islam and Christianity are quite similar really know very little about either religion. While there are some common features, the differences are many and substantial. To believe in one means you cannot believe in the other.

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Dar al-Harb and Islamic Expansionism

Feb 4, 2013

It is commonplace to find in Islam the broad distinction between Dar al-Harb (the house of war) and Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam). The former has to do with the state of war the non-Muslim world is in with

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Islam and Christmas

Dec 23, 2012

I have recently written about all the ornery atheists who hate Christ, hate Christmas, and hate anyone who enjoys both. They have made it their goal in life to become misotheistic scrooges, doing their best to make life miserable for

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What Hath Islam Wrought?

Dec 7, 2012

The good news is that not every Muslim rejoices in the use of violence, bloodshed, murder, the mistreatment of women, and so on. But sadly many do. And even more sadly, they do so with full warrant from their own

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On Reforming Islam

Nov 30, 2011

As we all know Christianity has had its periods of reformation, including The Reformation at the end of the Middle Ages. When a Christian speaks of reform or renewal, he always means going back to Christ and the Gospels, and

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