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What is Fundamentalism?

Jul 26, 1999

There exists an awful lot of conceptual confusion and definitional inexactitude concerning Christianity in general and fundamentalism in particular. Mind you, I’m speaking about the situation as it exists in America. In Australia the confusion is even worse! Australian commentators,

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Scientism as the New Fundamentalism

Sep 17, 2008

The term ‘fundamentalism’ is today taken as a term of derision. It is used in a pejorative sense. It is now used to refer to those who are bigoted, closed-minded, not open to reason and evidence, and pushing a narrow

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On Fundamentalists

Feb 25, 2012

OK, so I confess: sometimes I write articles just so that I can showcase what somebody else has written. There is a lotta good stuff out there, and sometimes I just wish to draw your attention to it, and give

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The Global Persecution of Christians

Apr 18, 2017

There is no other group on the planet subject to so much persecution, suffering and death as Christians. Primarily at the hands of Islam, Christianity is the most abused and persecuted group today, and it seems to be getting worse

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On Choosing a Religion

Apr 26, 2016

This title may seem a bit odd, and there would be some good reasons for that I suppose. Firstly, most people – in the West at least – are likely more concerned about what sort of coffee they might buy

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Our Regressive Progressives

Feb 27, 2016

Leftists like to call themselves “progressives”. They think all their radical social agenda items are a sign of moving forward, of progress. But the truth is just the opposite. They really want to take us backwards. Their vision of the

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The Pope’s Speech to the US Congress

Sep 25, 2015

The historic speech by Pope Francis to a joint session of Congress in Washington is now just that – history. Catholics and non-Catholics alike were quite eager to see what he would say – or not say. And those who

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More Christian Atheists

Mar 25, 2015

Yep, you read that right: Christian atheists. Believe it or not, there are folks out there who claim to be Christians – even Christian leaders – who also proudly inform us that they don’t believe in God. Yep, makes perfect

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Why the Jihadists are Winning

Dec 16, 2014

OK, so this is where we have managed to come as a Western nation: a devout Muslim, fuelled by Islamic ideology, commits a horrific act of terror on the streets of an Australian city, killing two innocent people, and our

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Burqa Bans

Jul 6, 2014

With Islam steadily making major inroads all over the West, and with so many Muslims refusing to blend in with the Western host cultures, remaining instead in their own cultural ghettos, the issue of the burqa (the full body covering

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Paul and His Unacceptable Behaviour

Jun 14, 2013

It has recently been brought to our attention that the apostle Paul was involved in an ugly incident involving those of other faiths, causing an uproar which is now making the headlines. Reports are emerging that while recently in Ephesus,

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Influencers, or Just Influenced?

Apr 3, 2013

The church of Jesus Christ from its earliest days was known for its impact on the surrounding culture. Wherever the new believers went, they stirred up trouble, made a huge impact, and greatly influenced the world around them. Indeed, so

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On Israel, Again

Nov 18, 2012

With over 12,000 rockets pouring into Israeli cities in the past 12 years, and another barrage of them in the past week, Israel is again in the news. The trouble is, the leftist MSM is once again getting it all

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Another Wolf, Alas

Sep 10, 2012

When Jesus warned about the dangers of wolves in sheep’s clothing, he wasn’t kidding around. He was dead serious, and knew full well this would in fact take place – and often. And the early disciples warned about the very

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The Christian Crackdown Continues

Sep 18, 2011

The rise and rise of fundamentalist atheism, fundamentalist secularism, fundamentalist Islam, and other fundamentalisms which have declared war on Christianity continues unabated. This site regularly documents cases of anti-Christian bigotry and bullying.

In our topsy-turvy world, these fundamentalists are often

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On Sin

Aug 5, 2011

If there is any one word to describe why Jesus came and what he did, it is Saviour. Of course the Greek word Jesus has this very meaning, as is spelled out in Matthew 1:21: “She [Mary] will give birth

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Shock Art and Anti-Christian Bigotry, Again

Apr 20, 2011

Some people thrive on being controversial. Indeed, for many, it is the only way they can make a living. The more controversial, shocking and outrageous they are, the more attention they get, and often, the more money they can make.

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