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Yes, We Are All Messed Up

Jan 25, 2021

We are all struggling with various issues and burdens:

Getting the biblical balance right on so many issues is crucial if we want to be faithful followers of Christ. With the issue under consideration in this piece, there are two

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Bible Study Helps: Habakkuk

Jan 22, 2021

Here are some helps on a very relevant book for days like these:

This is a brief but important Old Testament book. While we know almost nothing about the author of this book, we do know a bit about the

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Don’t Let Them Drag You Down

Jan 20, 2021

Our opponents want to discourage us and deter us from doing what is right:

You can be absolutely certain that if you are doing something right, something worthwhile, something true, and something vital for Christ and the Kingdom, that you

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Difficult Bible Passages: Exodus 4:24

Jan 17, 2021

If God chose Moses, why did he seek to kill him?

This certainly is a difficult passage, one that appears abruptly in a narrative about Moses, and leaves many readers scratching their heads. The immediate context is the return of

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Lessons From the Life of Joseph

Jan 15, 2021

There is so much we can learn from the life of Joseph:

Have you been treated unfairly, even by members of your own family? Have you ever known injustice, betrayal and hatred? Have you ever done that which was right,

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Make Up Your Mind Now

Jan 13, 2021

We must decide ahead of time how we will respond to temptations and pressures:

Some time ago I was discussing with a friend how anti-Christian bigotry and persecution are ramping up all around us. I mentioned that I have basically

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Dealing With Those Who Differ

Jan 11, 2021

How are we to deal with those who strongly differ with us?

This is a topic that comes up often, so it is something that I write about now and then. Here I want to discuss two sorts of differences

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Tribulation, Suffering and the Believer

Jan 8, 2021

How should we think about suffering as things darken all around us?

As things in the West get darker each passing day, it is to be expected that Christians will cast their minds to things like biblical prophecy and how

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Good News: The System WILL Fall

Dec 31, 2020

Divine judgment on godless Babylon is good news:

It is the last day of the year (finally!), which means I have again read the last chapters of the book of Revelation. So it is back to Genesis tomorrow. Despite all

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God Is For Us

Dec 28, 2020

Where is your identity found?

In this piece I want to bring together two bits of commentary on two spiritual realities. The first has to do with our identity as believers, and the second has to do with our blessings

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Christmas: The Divine Rescue

Dec 23, 2020

Christmas is the story of a heavenly rescue plan:

The story of Christmas is the story of the God of the universe leaving the comforts of heaven, entering into our sin-soaked world, and performing a gallant rescue operation for those

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Justice Delayed, But Still Forthcoming

Dec 23, 2020

If your heart breaks over all the injustice in life, here is good news:

Everywhere in this fallen world we see countless cases of injustice and great evil occurring. It can be on a smaller scale, or a larger scale,

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Is This How It All Ends?

Dec 13, 2020

Are we now in the end times Scripture speaks about?

Just a few days ago I was asked if I thought we were living in the last days. I get asked this quite often. I replied as I usually do

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Bible Study Helps: Daniel

Dec 10, 2020

This can be of help as you read and study the book of Daniel:

The last of the four so-called major prophets is quite a significant book, even though much shorter than the first three. While prophecy buffs and eschatology

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On Getting Hijacked

Dec 9, 2020

It is too easy to derail an important discussion:

No, I have never been hijacked – at least not by pirates on the high seas, or by terrorists on an airplane somewhere in the Middle East. But I have far

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