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Say No to No-Fault Divorce

Dec 13, 2017

I notice that an American reality TV show about divorce called Untying the Knot is now on Australian television. It seems to have aired in the US for a few years, and we now have the pleasure of having to

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Journalists Are Now Into Kidnapping?

Apr 13, 2016

I thought journalists were meant to be reporting on the news, not creating news. I thought journalists were meant to simply record the facts, not make them up as they go along. I thought journalists were meant to be neutral

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Chesterton and the Family

Mar 27, 2016

I have often said that G. K. Chesterton is perhaps my favourite Christian author. For those who may know nothing about him, I suggest you become acquainted with him, otherwise you really are missing out big time. See here for

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Bigotry, Agendas, and Guilt

Aug 11, 2014

It will come as a shock to some people, especially the secular lefties, but when someone has guilt feelings, it is usually because they are in fact guilty. So instead of just trying to deal with the superficial level of

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On Cohabitation

Aug 4, 2014

Families Minister Kevin Andrews has come out recently saying that marriage is better for couples than cohabitation, and predictably he is getting flak for saying so. But he happens to be absolutely correct. The statistics and data he offers on

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The Soaring Costs of Divorce

Jul 6, 2014

The sexual revolution of the 60s gave us a lot of harmful and destructive things, and no-fault, easy divorce was certainly one of them. By making the marriage contract hardly worth the piece of paper it was signed on, marriage

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The Systemic War Against Fathers

Feb 28, 2014

Most Western family law courts and systems are greatly skewed against fathers. There is an inbuilt bias against dads, and many are turned into criminals for having done nothing wrong. The facts on this are quite clear. Consider which parent

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How Not To Do Church

Aug 25, 2013

In the Christian world, things are supposed to go basically like this: the Bible is our authoritative guide for faith and practice; our theology should flow from the Bible; and our practice should flow from our theology. In very simple

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Adult Selfishness, Child Misery

Jul 22, 2013

Back in 2007 American columnist Diana West wrote an important volume entitled The Death of the Grown-Up (St. Martin’s Press). It was all about the fact that in America and much of the West adults have never really escaped adolescence.

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Christians Living Like Pagans

Oct 7, 2010

The answer to the question, “Why aren’t more nonbelievers becoming believers?” is quite simple really. Why in the world would they want to? When it comes to how people actually live, it seems that Christians for the most part live

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The War on Fatherhood

Feb 18, 2010

Australian family law, the Family Law Act, and the Family Court all have a lot to answer for. They have regularly and systematically treated fathers with contempt and derision, depriving them of the most basic of human rights, including the

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Kids and Crime

Aug 3, 2008

Two recent articles about teen crime in Victoria make for disturbing reading. But of more concern is that most of the “experts” seem to have no idea what the real cause is. On August 1 the Herald Sun ran with

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Mutilating Marriage

Sep 21, 2007

I guess it had to come to this. We live in such a moonbat age that what comes out of the lips of some politicians becomes more bizarre with each passing month. Consider the recent proposal by a German politician

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Is Marriage Finished?

Jan 23, 2007

Recent headlines have made the suggestion that marriage is on the way out, with alternative relationship arrangements becoming the norm. While such announcements often have to be taken with a grain of salt, there is no question that a full-frontal

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