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Cancel Culture and Book Burnings

Feb 27, 2021

We have NOT learned the lessons of history:

Censorship is now alive and well in the West. Whether it involves refusing or shouting down unpopular speakers at college campuses, or banning or shadow-banning unwanted content on the social media, it

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Rand Paul vs the Trans Tsunami

Feb 27, 2021

The must watch and must read exchange between Paul and the trans cultists:

One simply has to look at Joe Biden’s pick for the assistant health secretary of the United States to see what a hard core and radical leftist

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The US INequality Act

Feb 26, 2021

This is one of the most shocking pieces of legislation being pushed in the US:

There are countless reasons why so many of us warned about the mega-dangers of a Biden presidency, and why the NeverTrumpers, especially the “Christian” ones

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A Few Home Truths About Persecution

Feb 24, 2021

Yes persecution is real, and so is Woke Churchianity that supports it:

Hundreds of times now on this site I have carefully documented clear cases of anti-Christian bigotry and persecution taking place in the West. We have had far too

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There May Be Some Hope Yet

Feb 23, 2021

A few recent indications that Australians might be fighting back – finally!

There have been a few recent events in the Australian political scene that seem to be rather encouraging and may indicate that we are not quite yet at

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Diversity Perversity

Feb 17, 2021

When you hear the word “diversity,” head for the hills:

We now all know that one of the major mantras of the radical left is the call for “diversity”. Along with other buzz words like “tolerance” and “acceptance,” it is

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This Is What Horrifies Me the Most

Feb 16, 2021

Let me tell you what absolutely terrifies me:

There are two things that horrify me greatly. I have mentioned them before, but they continue to trouble me massively. The first is how we are seeing right before our very eyes

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John Smith on Fatherlessness, Part One

Feb 11, 2021

A powerful plea for two-parent families:

All children have a right to their own mother and father. This article follows on from one that I penned yesterday involving the late John Smith, the Australian social worker and head of the

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John Smith on Fatherlessness, Part Two

Feb 11, 2021

A powerful plea for two-parent families:

In Part One of this article I presented the first half of an important talk given by the late Australian Christian social worker and evangelist John Smith. Back in 1994 he spoke on the

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Yes, Sexual Sin Matters

Feb 7, 2021

Sexual immorality matters – big time:

The Bible throughout warns about sin and its consequences, and plenty of different sorts of sins are mentioned of course. But it is to be noted just how often sexual sin is discussed. If

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Living As Outlaws – Life in Victoria

Feb 6, 2021

Further reflections on the diabolical ‘anti-conversion’ bill:

Now that Victoria has voted to criminalise prayer, counsel, and care for those struggling with unwanted sexual attractions – among other things – we are all outlaws. At least those who actually care

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We Are All Criminals Now in Victoria

Feb 5, 2021

Christianity has just been declared to be illegal in Victoria:

I have said it often enough: Victoria under Dan Andrews and the Labor government is becoming the Antichrist State. And a vote in the Victorian Upper House last night was

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Between the Testaments – Lessons for Today

Feb 4, 2021

How very relevant is this period for contemporary believers:

The 400-year period from the events covered in the last Old Testament book Malachi, to the events covered in the first New Testament book Matthew are known as the intertestamental period.

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The Three Easy Steps to Dictatorship

Feb 1, 2021

We still see politicians exploiting corona to serve their grab for more power:

If the past 10 or 11 months have taught us anything, it is this: If you ever wondered how tyranny could come to the West; if you

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Scenes from the Conservative and Christian Purge

Jan 30, 2021

Christians and conservatives are the new scapegoats:

I could stop writing about every other subject and now just do daily updates on the secular left’s crackdown on Christianity – especially conservative Christianity. It is happening all over the West, and

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