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The Impending Crackdown On Christianity

Jan 26, 2021

Yes a very real crackdown on Christianity is now underway in the West:

In many parts of the world over the past two millennia Christians have had to learn how to live out their faith in places where heavy persecution

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Australia’s Most Shameless Christophobe

Jan 24, 2021

This man is possessed by anti-Christian hatred:

Who leads the way in Australia when it comes to hating on Christians and Christianity – someone who does so regularly, habitually, and as a matter of course? One could think of plenty

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Silencing the Churches

Jan 23, 2021

Increasingly the churches will either become tools of the State, or will be targeted by it:

Church and state exist in uneasy tension. Both institutions were created by God, and both have their rightful place. And history testifies to the

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On the Change of Government

Jan 21, 2021

Some thoughts on the new American administration:

Plenty can be said about what has just happened in America with the change at the White House. Everyone has their own spin and slant on this, and I am no different. I

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On What Matters Most

Jan 16, 2021

We need to see the bigger picture as we deal with the mess we are in:

Those familiar with this site know that I write about all sorts of things: politics, economics, ethics, theology, culture, history, books, the arts, and

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Yes, Leftist Totalitarianism Is Upon Us

Jan 10, 2021

This war is real – and getting worse:

Can conservatives sometimes use words like ‘tyranny,’ ‘fascism,’ and ‘totalitarianism’ too often and too easily? Yes. Are they right to be using them now, especially in light of the Tech Giants’ war

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Some Thoughts on Washington

Jan 7, 2021

Some reflections on what is now happening in Washington:

For those not aware, some violent protests have erupted in Washington D.C., in part over the Georgia runoff elections in which it appears that two radical Democrats have won, putting the

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2020: The Year in Review

Jan 2, 2021

Some political and spiritual reflections on 2020:

Well, that was different. Little did any of us realise one year ago that 2020 would turn out to be, well, so very different and unexpected. The coronavirus has certainly changed the world

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Justice Delayed, But Still Forthcoming

Dec 23, 2020

If your heart breaks over all the injustice in life, here is good news:

Everywhere in this fallen world we see countless cases of injustice and great evil occurring. It can be on a smaller scale, or a larger scale,

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Church Leaders and the Great Reset

Dec 16, 2020

Not all Catholics are happy about where the Pope is heading on things like the Great Reset:

Yesterday I wrote about the Vatican and its involvement in “Inclusive Capitalism” and the Great Reset. In that piece I mentioned how not

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Lessons from the Prora Complex

Dec 14, 2020

If we do not learn from history, and real soon, we are all toast:

From the what? Hang in there – all will be explained in a moment. First, some background to this piece. The other night I was flicking

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Culture Wars and the Wheat and the Tares

Dec 8, 2020

Divisions are clearly showing up both within churches and within politics:

I have said it before: sometimes the best thing about the wars that we find ourselves in is you can clearly determine who is your friend and who is

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Walter Williams

Dec 4, 2020

The great Walter Williams has just passed away:

I just heard that the noted American economist Walter Williams has passed away at age 84. Along with Thomas Sowell, these two Black economists did far more good than 1000 lefty economists

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The Great Reset, or Great Repression?

Nov 23, 2020

Many are sounding the alarm about globalist technocracy and the Great Reset:

No genuine Christian believes that mere man can establish heaven on earth. He has both Scripture and history fully informing him that such attempts always end up as

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Tech Giants and the War on Democracy

Nov 21, 2020

The media and tech giants are posing a very real threat to freedom and democracy:

Outfits like Google and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook are terrific on so many levels, and have been a massive help to millions of people.

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