This Is What Is Wrong with the Woke MSM

The leftist media is at it again:

The mainstream media has so much to answer for. I of course have written quite often about this matter. We see the bias, bigotry, propaganda and news creation (as opposed to news covering) every single day. The idea of a balanced, unbiased, fair and objective media is now long gone. Which is why the alternative media now exists.

Three very recent examples of the secular left promotion of fake news and woke agendas can again be mentioned – out of so many. These involve the situation in America and Australia, but all of the West is pretty much poisoned by our out of touch media. Let me briefly examine each instance.

The Trump/Biden debate

Imagine if an important public debate were to be held on the pros and cons of cigarette smoking. And imagine if it were held at a leading tobacco company, and they got to set the debating rules, including the sorts of questions asked. Folks would rightly say of course that this would NOT be a fair, impartial and even-handed debate.

That was the case here, with CNN – the most progressive-left media outfit in America, if not the world – hosting the event, setting the ground rules, and deciding how it should proceed. There was no audience, there was the right of CNN to cut off the microphones, and so on. Despite all this, Trump managed to do quite well, even with all these limitations.

He kept scoring very strong and fact-filled points, whether on immigration and the southern border, jobs and the economy, or war and foreign policy. There were no slips ups or mess-ups or foggy moments, unlike his opponent.

And sadly, despite all the meds likely pumped into Sleepy Joe, he still managed to stumble and stutter and get lost mid-sentence on a number of occasions. Often he just seemed to lose it, forgetting what he had said seconds earlier. It was so indicative of this man – someone who should NOT be in charge of running an entire nation.

The 90-minute debate may not change the minds of those already committed, but to undecided voters, it seems clear that Trump came out as the stronger, the brighter, and the more realistic man for the top job. His emphasis on border security and America’s decline at home and abroad would appeal to many.

But Biden, despite a week of prep, and a sympathetic host outlet, seemed to be weak, frail, and sometimes lost and confused. To win the debate he needed to be strong, sharp and quick on his feet. But he was not, as he has not been during his last 3 ½ years in office.

His weak and raspy voice during the debate is now being blamed on a “cold” by White House officials. And of interest, many ranking Democrats now seem to be in full tilt panic mode, knowing that Biden did NOT perform as he needed to, and a last-minute replacement for the Dems may well be in order. End of story: Trump won the debate, and based on Thursday night, he should go on to win the US presidential election.

It is now perfectly clear: Biden is now history. Keeping him around this long amounts to nothing more than elder abuse by the Democrats. Either they replace him in the days to come or at the summer convention, or they foolishly hang on to him and see him get trashed by Trump in the November elections. Either way he is a goner.

But then the big question is this: Who replaces him? Kamala is disliked by the Dems as much as by the Republicans. Gavin Newsom may be the top runner, but given how he is destroying California, voters may not want to see their country treated the same way!

As to CNN, all up the moderators could have been worse. The CNN pair (Jake Tapper and Dana Bash) asked questions that were mainly of substance and what Americans needed to hear answers to. I guess they knew if they went with their usual biased performance there would have been a major backlash by the American people.

But it was in the post-debate commentary that CNN went back to its real self. One CNN “fact-checker” for example claimed that Trump lied “at least 30 times” in the debate. Good grief: yada, yada, yada. The true colours of this leftist outfit came out loud and clear within seconds of the debate. No surprises there.

Tucker Carlson vs an Australian “journalist”

American conservative social commentator Tucker Carlson is in Australia at the moment speaking to sold-out audiences in various capital cities. The first thing to say about this is how the MSM is either ignoring most of this, or foolishly claiming that no one is coming out to hear him. Photos of packed-out venues gives lie to all that nonsense.

But one so-called journalist – representative of most – got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she tried a gotcha question on Tucker in Canberra. Things went from bad to worse for this leftist hack. Thankfully the whole thing can be seen on video.

This 6-minute video is pure gold, and you all need to watch it: he solidly and wonderfully put her in her place:

Here is a part of it:

REPORTER: So you talked a little bit about immigration, and in the past, you’ve talked about how white Australians, Americans, and Europeans, are being replaced by non-white immigrants in what is often referred to as the great replacement theory. 

CARLSON: Have I said whites have been replaced? 


CARLSON: I don’t think I’ve said that.

REPORTER: Well, it’s been mentioned on your show 4,000 times, and…

CARLSON: Really, when did I say that? I’ve said whites are being replaced?

REPORTER: You have said that before. Yeah.

CARLSON: Really? I would challenge you to cite that because I’m pretty sure I haven’t said that. I said native-born Americans are being replaced, including blacks. 

REPORTER: Native-born Americans? 

CARLSON: Native-born Americans, Americans like black Americans, African Americans have been in the United States, in many cases, their families for over 400 years, and their concerns are every bit as real and valid and alive to me as the concerns of white people whose families have been there 400 years. I’ve never said whites are being replaced, not one time, and you can’t cite it so..

REPORTER: I believe that’s untrue…

CARLSON: We’ve just met, but when our relationship starts with a lie, it makes it tough to be friends. 

REPORTER: Well, you’ve been lying about (inaudible)…

CARLSON: You actually can’t cite it because I didn’t say it.

Tucker had to keep calling her out, asking her if she was stupid, or just pretending to be stupid. She was caught out in lying about a number of things, so Tucker rightly laid into her, putting her in her place. We need more champs like Tucker who are unafraid to stand up to the fake news reporters and journalists.

Marjorie Taylor Greene vs an Australian “journalist”

And at the same time this was happening, we had another clear case of this. This one concerns “our” ABC. The $1 billion-plus budget of the ABC that we hapless taxpayers have to cough up has again shown us why it needs to be put out of its misery. The ABC’s Sarah Ferguson is known for being yet another far left propagandist, not an actual journalist. This once again was made fully clear just the other day.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican from Georgia, was invited by Ferguson to discuss the release of Julian Assange. But it was clear this was to be another hatchet job on Trump and the Republicans. Greene would have none of it, and she did a superlative job of resisting this dishonesty. See here:

Like Tucker, she so very strongly and fearlessly stood up to this sham journalist and called her bluff. Anyone watching the video will be proud to see principled conservatives not giving ground to the loony leftists pretending to be reporters and news makers.

But these cases of fake news and leftists in the media pushing their activist agendas are par for the course. We see it happening all the time. All the more reason why we need more folks like Trump, Carlson and Greene standing up to them and calling them out.

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4 Replies to “This Is What Is Wrong with the Woke MSM”

  1. He called that activist out well, he also called her out on her race baiting and open lies. He could actually sue her for defamation.
    We need more people to call out the lying media, each and every time they lie.

  2. I watched the whole debate to get the full story rather than watching/hearing MSM opinions after the fact, on full display now across the entire world, “The Emperor has no clothes”.

    Putting politics to one side my take-away from the event is how can his family condone this sad affair? I have a heavy heart and feel pity towards him, Joe Biden is being used big time. He ‘s an ageing old man with cognitive issues, he should be enjoying retirement at home sitting in a rocking chair surrounded by family and friends.

    On the politics side…the President cannot be running the country so who’s in charge?

    Just viewed an interview with Kamala Harris post debate, see thinks Mr. Biden had a reasonable debate, must be the only person on the planet with eyes closed and willfully dumb.

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