Perrottet: More Anti-Christian Bigotry

A vicious witch-hunt against Perrottet is already well underway:

The newly-proclaimed NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet who is replacing Gladys Berejiklian has already been crucified by the secular left and the secular left media. His crime? He is conservative. He is Catholic. He is prolife. He is pro-family. And, gasp, he has six children! All that is enough to make the lunar left foam at the mouth and want to see him run out of town, drawn and quartered.

Examples of this witch-hunt are easily found. The West Australian for example tweeted that he is a “hard right Catholic with six children”. The ABC had this as one of its headlines: “Meet Dom Perrottet — the conservative Catholic and father-of-six who will be NSW’s next Premier”. Plenty of other media outlets ran with the same shocking things: he is Catholic and has six children.

Um, how many other politicians and leaders are challenged over the number of children they have? How many others get the label “conservative Catholic” thrown at them? We have very nominal Catholics like Dan Andrews here in Victoria who are hardcore left – religiously and politically. Yet how many mainstream media folks routinely call him a “liberal Catholic”?

As I told one person who asked me if Andrews is a practising Catholic: No he is not. The term ‘nominal’ means ‘in name only’. Andrews is a nominal Catholic. He not only does not believe in any basic Catholic or Christian teaching or value, he is the most anti-Christian politician in this country. Talk is cheap. As I have documented plenty of times on this site, his hatred of Christians and the Christian faith is palpable. See just this one piece for example:

But getting back to the new NSW Premier – the hits keep on coming. Open season has been declared on the 39-year-old, all because he is Catholic and has a large family. What enrages the secular left of course is that this means he takes his faith seriously, and he does not think things like killing babies are just fine. That is enough to get any lefty utterly enraged.

So we have all the usual baloney being pushed by the left: his faith will of necessity mean he cannot be a good politician. He is immediately disqualified because he dares to hold to his beliefs. Only pagans need apply. Or only lefty trendy religious types. They are just fine.

Consider a very ugly hit-piece done on Perrottet by one Stephanie Dowrick in the leftist Age and SMH. So who in the world is she? She is described this way: “writer, social activist and minister”. Oh, a minister?! Indeed, we are told elsewhere that she is a ‘post-denominational interfaith minister’.

Ah, that makes her OK then. No creeds are worth defending, and no doctrines should tie us down. Just pick, cafeteria-style, those bits you like from a bunch of religions, and reject the rest. So the media loves THOSE sorts of religious people. She is cool. But a Catholic who is committed to the tenets of his faith? That is verboten!

Her piece was full of typical leftist hate and fear-mongering. She managed not just to demonise Perrottet, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison as well. Here is a part of her vile attack:

Ask anyone if religion and politics are too closely entwined in 21st-century Australia and they may well shake their head. Yet, within a day, it is possible that NSW, self-described as the most progressive state in the federation, may have, in Dominic Perrottet, a premier not only living under a cloud for mismanagement of the state’s workers’ compensation scheme, iCare, but who is also a highly conservative Catholic with views that represent the most extreme end of a rigidly male-dominated institutional church.


At the same time, we have in our federal Parliament a Prime Minister who genuinely believes his own election was a literal miracle. He lives alongside the oldest surviving culture in the world, the First Nations, that can trace their living history back 60,000 or more years. Sacred sites, geology, art, stories, anthropology, and earth sciences all attest to this. Yet Morrison and his fellow Pentecostal Christians believe the world was created a mere 6000 years ago. What’s more, the world as we know it will soon come to an end, with a Rapture seeing the “Elect” ascending to their eternal reward while the rest of us, including Christians of other denominations, will suffer for their ignorance, also eternally. That certainly puts climate concerns back in their corner.


Should any of this matter? Or that while such views are held by only 1 per cent of the wider population, we now have in Morrison’s cabinet perhaps 15 per cent of members who ascribe to the same decidedly non-mainstream Pentecostal beliefs?

Good grief. On and on it goes, but you get the drift. Talk about spin, misinformation, red herrings, straw men, and just about every other logical fallacy out there. She does not have a clue as to what she is talking about, and she simply makes things up as she goes along. And she manages to insult and vilify millions of Christians along the way. Yet the leftist press is more than happy to run with bilge like this.

Simply imagine if the media did a similar hatchet job on someone else who became a Premier, be they a Buddhist or a Muslim. Would they even dare to attack his or her faith? Would they dare to say these folks are disqualified because of their religious beliefs? Would they even think about focusing on how many kids they have, or do not have?

Um, I don’t think so. But this is par for the course with the militant lefties who run most of our media outlets. They are on a search and destroy mission, seeking to hunt down anyone who dares to identify as a conservative, and worse yet, as a conservative Christian.

Let me look at one more lefty who is attacking Perrottet and examine the double standards that we find here. Senator Cheryl Kernot was a member and leader of the Australian Democrats in the 1990s. She has been sending out plenty of tweets showing her disgust for the new premier, including using the vomit emoji. Classy Cheryl.

Yet consider this: under her watch we had Australian Democrats Senator John Woodley who happened to be an ordained Methodist and Uniting Church minister. Um, did Cheryl and the media attack Woodley this way back then? Did they shout, ‘What, you are actually a minister? How dare you – you are not fit to hold office!’

Um no they did not. Why is that? The answer is simple: Woodley is a hard-core lefty. Always has been. He has supported all the ‘right’ causes, including the entire homosexual agenda. Indeed, I recall an incident from well over 20 years ago at the National Prayer Breakfast in Canberra.

While an orthodox Christian speaker (I forget, but maybe it was Margaret Court) was quoting the Bible about things like homosexuality, Woodley got enraged, slammed down his silverware, and stormed out of the Great Hall in Parliament House. He could not stand hearing what the Word of God had to say on this issue.

But these kinds of religious lefties are just fine with the secular left. Thankfully however the Australian Democrats are no more. See more on their obvious hypocrisy here:

The truth is, the secular left love religious folks – even as politicians, leaders and movers and shakers. But only the right kind of religion is allowed; a religion that believes nothing about what is found in the Judeo-Christian worldview, but a religion that adheres to the Gospel of Marx, Marcuse and Alinsky, the Gospel of Kinsey and Hefner, the Gospel of CNN and the NYT and the ABC, and the Gospel of Woke, Identity Politics, Cancel Culture and Political Correctness.

You just need to believe in the ‘right’ gospel to get their support. Dare to believe in the ‘wrong’ gospel however and you will forever be a victim of their wrath, bigotry and prejudice.

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18 Replies to “Perrottet: More Anti-Christian Bigotry”

  1. My question is; Why do we take these lunatics, queers and militants seriously?
    John Abbott

  2. Hang in there Dominic.
    The Age is pathetic. Daniel Andrews is destroying Melbourne yet all good. Nothing to see here,
    Thanks Bill again

  3. Thank You Bill, again such timely and excellent elucidation. Though it certainly makes ones ‘blood boil’ (as the old saying goes), when reading all the hatred from the secular left for Dominic Perrottet.

    What a tragedy is this country when a good Catholic man who believes in the God-ordained family, is prolife has so much vitriol thrown at him already. He and his beautiful family will need our continual prayers.

    As far as people like Daniel Andrews mentioning he is a Catholic, all I can say he is not worshiping the God of the Bible but his adversary.

    Just to add Bill, as I shared today with my 2 daughters in Sydney and one here in Melbourne, if a Godly Christian conservative can be appointed Premier in this God-hating, Christophobic climate there is certainly hope for we Victorians.
    Our God is God of the impossible.

  4. What lefties can not stand is being reminded they are not God. They think of themselves as gods but when Bible is read they are convicted of the fact that the true God is not them but above them and will hold them to account. The thought they have to answer to ANYONE other than themselves is abhorrent to them. The greater a sinner they are the more irrational and vile their reaction to the Bible is. (Some even go so far as to rewrite the Bible to make their sin not a sin or even a virtue.)

    As long as you are just calling yourself self a Christian not actually believing it your fine by them. But dare to actually be Christian and actually believe what the Bible says your worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot combined! (None of whom were Christian). [They rail against Christians and the number killed by us but A) they have to use numbers for deaths by all religions {there are more killed by religion than atheism} not just Christian and even then there are many estimates {always high} and B) even in it bloodiest century Christianity never took 100+ million lives.]

  5. Have long since I stopped reading the Age and stopped listening to leftist media such as the ABC. Janet Albrechtson, in the Australian this morning had an excellent piece pointing out the hypocrisy of the left for attacking the Premier.

  6. We need to pray for Dominic.
    We can discuss at length the amazing fact that he was chosen, and with such a great majority.
    The knives will be out for him over many issues, and that includes people in his own party.
    I think it is easily arguable that God has had a hand in this, but it is only the beginning.
    This premiership will be a watershed, either the people of NSW will respond positively to Kingdom/Bible principles and be blessed, or they will continue to reject those principles and in so doing heap more judgement on themselves.

  7. You can tell a good guy by the way the media attacks them. Their label does not seem to matter. The left attack those they perceive as a threat.

  8. Yes the bigotry is astounding. I like the bit about “He lives alongside the oldest surviving culture in the world, the First Nations, that can trace their living history back 60,000 or more years.” I’m pretty sure that, without writing and technology, I’d be hard pressed to trace my history back to much before last Thursday week. Perhaps these first nations people have some sort of supernatural, spiritual ability that we mere whities have no knowledge of.

    Seriously, we know oral traditions can be handed down, sometimes reasonably accurately, for hundreds of years, but when I hear talk like this I really have to wonder. It really is about time these people started to recognizes all of the wonderful contributions all the various cultures have given us instead of using any means possible to undermine democracy.

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