Melbourne Madness Has Got To Stop

This world record is nothing to be proud about:

People the world over are suffering because of Covid, and because of hysterical government responses to it, but I and 6 million others in the Melbourne metropolitan area have got to be doing it tougher than anyone else in the world. A little while ago I wrote about how Melbourne has broken the record for the longest and most miserable lockdown anywhere in the world:

We had taken over the lead from Buenos Aires. But they since added another 11 days to their own record, so it turns out that today is now the official world record for Melbourne. That is 246 miserable days of lockdowns, curfews, border closures, stay-at-home orders, police arrests, alarmism, and all the rest.

Let me outta here! I have had enough, as have most other Melbournites. Thankfully many people are now speaking out about all this hysteria, panic and fear-mongering. Let me mention just one recent piece from law professor James Allan which is worth quoting from:

All the Covid hysteria around most of the democratic world, and especially in Britain, New York state, Canada and here in Australia, is driven by two main things. The first is that many people haven’t got a clue about what the relative risks are. Ask them what they think their chances of dying would be should they catch Covid and most get this massively wrong – a good few get the odds wrong by two orders of magnitude (answering 30 per cent when at most it’s about 0.3 per cent). And we’re talking about one’s chances of dying before being vaccinated.


Government propaganda – because there is no other way to describe it – has deliberately tried to scare people senseless and hence to distort their relative-risk assessments. That has been a clear and unmistakeable goal, including of all the daily press conferences with the breathless recitation of cases by politicians without an ounce of concern for freedom-­related issues, and by public-health types.


And for once, government seems to have got something right because its Covid scaremongering has been very successful. The second problem has been all the models relied upon by the supine political class. It started with the Neil Ferguson modelling coming out of Imperial College in London and spread out from there.


No one in the press corps seems to care that Professor Ferguson has had an unbroken track record of massively wrong predictions with his models, prophesying things that came nowhere near reality. In 2002, his models predicted 50,000 people would likely die from exposure to BSE (mad cow disease). In the event there were 177 deaths….

He continues:

So now turn to Sweden, with a population of just under 10 and half million. It never locked down at all. No small businesses were forced to close and so bankrupted (and no big businesses were thereby incredibly enriched and allowed to have bumper profits under the sort of crony capitalism that lockdowns deliver). Schools never closed. People were trusted to make smart calls. Oh wait, Sweden may have put a limit of 500 people at big events for a while. That was it.


According to the most recent data I can find, Sweden has had about 1.14 million Covid cases and 14,753 Covid deaths (a sizeable chunk of those happening early on in aged care, for which the overseeing epidemiologist, Professor Anders Tegnell, quickly admitted the country’s handling mistakes). Since May of this year Sweden has had one of the lowest rates of Covid in Europe. Its deaths per million across the whole pandemic are now low enough that the press no longer talks about Sweden. The lockdownistas do not want the country to do well.


Meanwhile, a number of British doctors are now predicting that deaths caused by the lockdowns themselves will end up outnumbering the saved Covid deaths by 10 or 20 to 1. And this in a world where the median age of Covid deaths is higher than the country’s average life expectancy for men and for women.


It’s a world where (according to the latest Stanford study) the survival rate for the unvaccinated for these age ranges is: 0-19 (99.9973 per cent); 20-29 (99.986 per cent); 30-39 (99.969 per cent); 40-49 (99.918 per cent); and the survival rate doesn’t drop below 99.7 per cent until you get to the over-70s.


In a world with that sort of risk of dying from Covid, if you are under 70 why would you care in the slightest if someone else chooses not to get vaccinated? You started with those great odds and improved them by getting vaccinated yourself. Give anyone under 75 a choice of whether to get Covid or cancer, heart disease or diabetes, and you’re an idiot if you don’t pick Covid.


The whole vaccine-passport mandate position (full disclosure, to have some hope of one day seeing my kids who live overseas I’m double-jabbed) is premised on people having no clue at all of their relative risks. Then add in a dollop of “take the worst imaginable outcome modelling”. Throw in a media and press corps that is either stupid or longs for the reincarnation of Pravda. Stir. And you have Australia, readers.


We’re not the world’s best handlers of Covid. From early on it was plain we were on a trajectory to be the world’s worst. And with every year that passes, that will become ever more obvious.


The good news is people here and overseas have had enough, and a fightback is now well underway. Here and overseas many have taken note of the insanity that is Melbourne, and the rest of this country. There are far too many examples of this to share here, but these are a few of them:

-Incredibly, we recently had Polish MPs at the Australian Embassy in Poland blasting the tyrannical state of affairs down under:

-Here is a write-up about this:

-Tucker Carlson is also shocked at what is happening here:

-Dennis Prager also speaks about the horror that is Australia:

-And Christian World News has this ominous video about the Australian police state:

-Laura Ingraham speaks with independent journalists in Australia reporting on the heavy-handed police crackdown:

-And Rita Panahi laments the lamestream media’s silence and cover ups about what is happening here, and how citizen journalists are filling in the gap:

-Also here in Australia, there will be a seminar on these matters in Perth later this week. Law professor Augusto Zimmermann and two other “expert speakers will provide you the truth and facts about Australian law and the government so called emergency powers and explain how they are in total conflict with our laws and Constitution.”

-See our interview with political prisoner Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia here:

By the way, Monica is a real champion, as are people like Pastor Paul Furlong (we hope to interview him next). We sure do need many more courageous warriors who are willing to stand up for freedom, for democracy, and for justice as they resist these corrupt and power-drunk tyrants who are destroying our cities, states and nations.

-Finally, for a short and humorous take on Dictator Dan and his daily lies, see this video:

We sure do need this fightback – and a whole lot more of it. We simply cannot survive this world record for tyrannical lockdowns.

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  1. Melbourne’s lost economy due to 246 days of lock down based on the estimated $700,000 per week loss = $24,600,000

  2. The scary thing is that this is the sort of game plan that the catastrophic global warmists want to follow.

  3. Bill, I’ve been following the Melbourne experience with interest and noting your comments about the anti Christian stance of Daniel Andrews for whom no lockdown measure is too extreme. And you have noted his anti Christian social justice measures.
    However it has been brought to my attention that Andrews is a catholic that regularly attends church?
    Are you able to comment-is he a practicing catholic?

  4. Thanks Scott. No he is not a practicing Catholic. The term ‘nominal’ means ‘in name only’. Andrews is a nominal Catholic. He not only does not believe in any basic Catholic or Christian teaching or value, he is the most anti-Christian politician in this country. Talk is cheap. As I have documented plenty of times on this site, his hatred of Christians and the Christian faith is palpable. See just this one piece for example:

  5. Well Scott regarding Andrews and church – going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, or Catholic, anymore than going to the garage make you a car.

    I can’t remember who said it.

  6. Bill,
    I have just sent a letter to the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau:
    Dear Ms Dessau,
    You will, we trust, be aware of the growing unrest in this state around a number of issues, not necessarily in the following order:
    1. The issue of mandatory vaccinations for employment, and similarly for participation in the economy at large.
    2. The long-lasting lockdown and state of emergency, and the widespread misery and loss of livelihoods which it has caused.
    3. The increasingly dictatorial behaviour of the premier, and his perceived desire for absolute and unrestricted power, especially as he now seeks to extend the “State of Emergency” indefinitely, and so avoid Parliamentary scrutiny and become a virtual dictator.
    4. The harassment and outright brutality of the police toward protesters, who for the most part only want a hearing for their grievances and desperate circumstances. This in particular has caused a national scandal, while internationally journalists and politicians are aghast at what is happening here, and see Australia, and Victoria in particular, as a police state on a par with Communist China and North Korea.
    5. The fact that Parliament has sat barely at all over the course of this year, while the premier rules with a small coterie of ministers and unelected advisors—principally the Chief Health Officer. Thus our Parliamentary democracy has effectively been shut down.

    With the evident erosion and denial of basic human rights in this state, and the ongoing “State of Emergency” for which there is no end in sight, and for the welfare of Victorians in general, we request and plead that you invoke your reserve powers as Governor to:
    1. Sack the premier and prorogue the Parliament;
    2. Issue writs for a new state election;
    3. Install a caretaker administration to see to the day-to-day running of government in the interim;
    4. End the State of Emergency”.

    You have the power to do this, and things have come to such a pitch that intervention is required, even if such action is highly unusual and indeed, unprecedented.

    We remain loyal citizens of this state, and of Australia.

    I doubt that it will do anything by itself, but if a horde of people call on the Governor to dissolve Parliament she might be constrained to act. Of course, it is true that she is a stooge of the Dictator, but remember that Gough Whitlam put in Sir John Kerr as his stooge, in a similar belief that Kerr would do his bidding, but look what happened there!

    So folks, write to the Governor as follows:
    The Hon Linda Dessau AC
    Governor of Victoria,
    Government House
    Government House Drive
    Melbourne. 3004

  7. I don’t know who Real Rukshan is but his YouTube channel has excellent content, must be based in Melbourne.
    Example: The Constant Struggle.

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