The Importance of Kindred Spirits in These Dark Days

In this present darkness we really do need each other:

In the 1919 poem The Second Coming by Irish poet William Butler Yeats we find these memorable lines:

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

That sure sounds like where we find ourselves today. And when things are falling apart all around us, we so much need to find and hang around with kindred spirits. A kindred spirit is simply someone with similar interests or concerns.

In these ever-darkening days where political, social, moral and spiritual divisions are really ramping up, more than ever we need to make sure we spend time with others who are on the same page as us, who share our values and concerns, and who are marching in the same direction.

This is certainly crucial today as we are in a time of war: cultural, spiritual and moral war. So the need to align ourselves with others who share our beliefs and hopes is imperative. It is far too easy to become discouraged and want to surrender in these dark times. We need others to cheer us on, to encourage us, and to remind us that what we believe and what we do is correct.

Thus we must stick together. It is too easy to be picked off when we march alone – it is much harder to be immobilised and discouraged when we march together. This is all the more the case with the Covid hysteria and paranoia. Things like lockdowns and border closures (some of the worst of which are right here in Australia and New Zealand) can separate us and cause us to get dispirited.

We can be tempted to think we are alone and no one else thinks or feels the way we do. We can feel overwhelmed, isolated, and out of sync with everyone else. Of course for a Christian this is always the case: we are always a remnant.

And for conservatives, this too is the case, with the leftist narratives driving everything, and with all the institutions of power and influence arrayed against us and our values. Add to this the Covid panic porn and you have a culture running on fear and groupthink. Anyone who dares to think differently is regarded as the enemy.

And the idea of ‘divide and conquer’ plays a role here. In the internet and social media age, keeping people apart by denying them a presence on these Big Tech platforms is a good way to do this. When I was booted off Fakebook, in an instant I lost 4500 friends and contacts.

Sure, a tiny fraction of them I can now keep in touch with by other means, including smaller alternative social media sites. But that is one way to demoralise us: break us apart and keep us from one another. Couple that with the lockdown and border insanity, and you have literally isolated and imprisoned people.

We are social creatures and we are made for relationships. No wonder mental health problems, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicides are all spiking right now. These draconian measures by repressive governments are taking their toll – especially on our young people.

Help lines for children have never been busier, as have hospitalisations for children with massive mental health concerns. We are killing our kids, and the cure is worse than the disease. The shadow pandemic is more harmful and increasingly more deadly than the virus.

And adults are feeling all this as well. There is hardly a day that goes by when I do not hear from someone telling me they are almost at breaking point. They cannot handle this. And the worse part is their sense of feeling all alone – that everyone else is against them.

I often hear from folks who say their friends and even family members are against them – be it because of their Christianity, their conservatism, or their unwillingness to buy the Rona narrative. They are even being attacked and hated on by other “Christians”. They are crying out for help and wondering if anyone else out there thinks as they do.

As but one example, I just had one gal contact me and say this: ‘I feel as though I have been in a spiritual wilderness for so much time – it’s been only God who has been able to encourage me through this period. I have not found a single church speaking out about these things. It brings tears to my eyes as I have felt so alone. God bless you for the work you do Bill.’

And there are so many others just like her. Well, I am here to tell these folks that they are NOT alone, and there do exist many others who are in the same camp. Yes we are all being isolated in various ways and yes it gets to be so hard, but all the more reason to use whatever means available to keep in touch with others, to talk to others, and to pray with others.

The enemy – spiritual and political – wants to wear us down and get us so discouraged in our loneliness and isolation that we just give up. All dictators seek to work this way. So we need to avail ourselves of whatever means we can to stay with kindred spirits.

Our power-drunk tyrants here in Australia are even telling us NOT to talk to friends and neighbours. That is absolutely mind-boggling! Well, forget their diabolical advice. Share with others as best you can. And use the social media as well. If you have been booted off Fascistbook, use MeWe or Gab or Parler or Minds or Rumble – I am on all five of these.

Now more than ever we must stay in touch with each other. We need to walk with those who are going in the same direction as we are. We need to stay close to kindred spirits. American Jewish conservative commentator Dennis Prager often speaks about the importance of kindred spirits, as in this 8-minute video:

Political tyrants are trying to break us down by isolating us and getting us to feel utterly alone. Our spiritual foe Satan works in exactly the same way. In the political and spiritual realms such policies are very effective indeed. Our enemies always work this way.

As but one illustration of all this, I just happened to see about 60 seconds of a film on television last night as I flicked channels. It was about the Nazi occupation of Paris during WWII. Imagine living in enemy-occupied territory, where you are basically locked down and kept from other like-minded souls.

I could not help but think of things here today. In Melbourne for example we are now in our 211th day of house arrest! Even the long-suffering folks in London spent just 207 days locked down. Melbourne is leading the world here. This is insane.

We are afraid to go anywhere or do anything. Many people have not worked for months. We are living in fear and paranoia. We wonder which neighbour will snitch on us if we do the “wrong” thing. Our leaders tell us what we can do and cannot do. Our most basic of human rights and liberties have been stolen away from us. And it looks like they will never be fully returned to us.

No wonder seeing just one minute of that film about occupied Paris last night instantly made me think of what is happening here. Sure, some Parisians happily went along with the Nazis. We know about Vichy France, the Nazi-dominated French state that ran from July 1940 to September 1944.

But of course many Frenchmen resisted. Many joined the underground to fight the Nazis. And many ordinary Parisians and others just endured day after day, wondering if and when this would all come to an end. Would they ever be liberated? Would outside help ever come? Would this nightmare ever come to an end?

I and countless others feel pretty much the same way about the madness that is going on all around us today. These diabolical lockdowns and heavy-handed government responses are causing far more harm than good – and they look to become a permanent part of life down under. So too a two-tiered system where those who dare to think differently will become a new underclass – the new group of Covid untouchables. A medical caste system is now upon us.

In this regard it is very encouraging that the new Ezekiel Declaration that I wrote about just yesterday is going viral. When I first wrote about it, several hundred church leaders and perhaps a thousand church folk had signed it. Looking at it just now, I see it has been signed by over 1400 church leaders and over 9500 others. Wow! Please read it and sign it:

And see my article about it here:

We are living in very dark times indeed. One of the best things we can do is not allow ourselves to be separated and isolated from one another. In whatever way you can, please find and spend time with kindred spirits – even if just by phone or online. We have always needed one another. But today this need is absolutely essential if we are to get through all this.

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18 Replies to “The Importance of Kindred Spirits in These Dark Days”

  1. Yes, how much we do need each other, to encourage and support!

    Since late last year I have been doing upwards of 4 to 6 hours research every day in the urgent quest to uncover truth. There is very much hope. This will end. Through the darkness, there is much good news to share.

    We started a simple site for encouragement and information and prayer:

    The first post read:

    Be encouraged, don’t fear . . and encourage each other!

    Very much is being worked on behind the scenes at this time to restore good in our world, by those inspired and raised up by our Lord to fight and overcome terrible evil.

    God is faithful and He will provide, if we trust Him.

    If you are facing loss of work and income because of mandates of concern, know this time of stress will not last. Hold on with courage. Live simply. Care for each other. Trust God.

    We are living through a bumpy, ugly and wild time of exposure towards the restoration of freedom. Though distressing and uncomfortable, this time will pass. The exposing of evil will prove to have been vastly better for us all, than it remaining hidden and usurping control of our world.

    Stand firm and trust God – He is faithful! He has promised He will never leave you nor forsake you. Allow Him to build a testimony in your life!

    Matthew 6:25-33

  2. Yes Paul there are many all over the world who are with us. The other side tries to lie to us and seeks to deceive us about this. But it is they who are in the minority.

  3. I think we need to put a positive spin on the situation. While I understand why some fall into despair, there are many people in the world in a far more desperate state.

    I live in regional Victoria where I operated a small cafe with 5 employees. When the lockdowns affected business I sat down in a brainstorming session with staff. We came up with a business idea that basically offers a home delivery service for almost anything a home owner might need, and I do mean anything. The business is booming and I now have 30 employees. We are planning to expand to other regions.

    So I would encourage everybody to treat adversity as an opportunity to expand horizons and get creative. It’s too easy to get self-absorbed and fall into depression. and that’s not good for mental health.

  4. Thanks Argets. You did well there thankfully. But of course many thousands of businesses are going down the tubes in this state. It is one thing to be creative and look for opportunities. But when draconian government policies are destroying countless livelihoods and ruining the economy (perhaps for many decades to come), that is a very real concern indeed and one that not everyone can just somehow easily overcome or bypass!

  5. Have you considered moving to Queensland, Bill? We’ve had a few short snap lockdowns but they’ve stopped outbreaks before they could take off. We are free to go anywhere we want (at least within the state), all businesses are open, schools are open and life is pretty much normal.

    We love Victorians (mainly because you share our disdain for Sydney folk), but you may have to wait a couple of weeks while we clear the quarantine overload. We feel sympathy for those who live under Dictator Dan.

    Life is good here and the weather is great too 😉

  6. Thanks Debra. While it is hard to find a worse state in terms of lockdown madness than Victoria, almost all the other states have had real problems as well. Queensland under Queen Palaszczuk has hardly been all sweetness and light. Her repressive border closures and all the humans costs of them (folks not able to see dying family members; folks not able to cross the border to go to work, etc) are just as appalling as what the Dictator here is doing. So while warmer weather sounds good, I am not sure I will make the move just yet. Besides, Dodgy Dan has us all locked down anyway – perhaps permanently!

    Oh, and this is the latest bit of crapola that she is involved in:

  7. Oh how we love this medium, Bill!

    Whenever, anyone sends me a message via email, messenger, sms etc. – I am in the blessed position to reply with…

    “R u up for a chat” (Love to Gail in Tassie)

    There is nothing quite so satisfying as speaking, praying and listening to like-minded individuals

    And, because I am blessed to be living in Geelong – Regional Vic – we can meet up too.

    Father God – Thank you for The Blessing of CultureWatch.

  8. It’s pretty restrictive here in Sydney too, Bill. The exemptions for leaving home are almost identical to those in Victoria.

    And we have a bigger problem. ICU beds are now almost all occupied, and anyone with a serious medical condition needing ICU treatment has to compete for a space with Covid patients. Additionally many front line healthcare workers are off sick with Covid. It’s a dangerous workplace.

    Not a happy situation, and the exit seems a long way off.

  9. Thanks Callum. You are right about how bad things are in NSW in terms of lockdowns. But you seem to be quite wrong about ICU beds being nearly all taken. As but one piece on this reports:

    There are currently 94 COVID-19 patients in intensive care beds in NSW, with 31 ventilated.

    Yet as case numbers mount and elimination of COVID-19 in NSW becomes unfeasible, Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the state’s health system retained plenty of excess capacity to handle sick patients.

    NSW Health said in a statement on Sunday that it currently manages about 500 intensive care unit beds, with a surge capacity of about 2000 when required.

    There were also enough ventilators for each intensive care bed – about 2000.

  10. More and more we’ve found what you’ve penned here to be exactly true! Within the walls of churches (but not the church as a whole), at local school board meetings (for those wanting to maintain their health rights as parents), at “patriot meetings” (the growing number of conservatives and Christians who are awakened now to the need to speak up), and in our neighborhood we have connected (or are being connected by the Holy Spirit) with those who are like-minded.

    I’ve taken great comfort and guidance from these words in Malachi 3:16-18
    “Then those who feard the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name. “They will be mine,” says the LORD Almighty, “in the day when I make up my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.

  11. I had to smile. I had just finished reading Kurt Mahlburg’s article on liberty ( ) to then come and read your article on kindred spirits. Perhaps there is something in the sound of the name.

    In NSW our Glad has just allowed families who are vaccinated the privilege of having picnics for one hour. I am so pleased she is following the science that shows it takes just over one hour for the virus to travel from one picnic gathering to another. I can hardly wait until we are permitted to picnic for an hour and fifteen minutes.

  12. Thank you so much Bill – you have penned exactly how I am feeling – at odds with many in my Church because I am vaccine reluctant – missing my children (I am going to have a sneaky quick visit today with my daughter and granddaughter so hope no one dobs me in!) and I just feel so lied to by the media and government

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