The Ezekiel Declaration

We all need to get behind this vitally important Declaration:

A brand-new Declaration from Australia brings together biblical injunctions with modern-day concerns about medical apartheid. Addressed to the Australian Prime Minister, and written by three Queensland pastors, it speaks about the very real worry of vaccine passports and the damage they will do to a free society.

I have often addressed both aspects of what is found in this important Declaration. I have written about the need for watchmen which we read about in Ezekiel 3 and 33. Here is one of those pieces:

And I have written numerous articles warning against health fascism and the creation of a new medical underclass because of vaxx passports. See here for example:

The ever-helpful website Caldron Pool was the first to break the story, so let me quote from a new article Ben Davis has just produced on this important Declaration:

Timothy Grant of Mount Isa Baptist Church, Matthew Littlefield of New Beith Baptist Church, and Warren McKenzie of Biota Baptist Church said they penned the letter after it became clear there were few people resisting the developing medical two-tiered society.


“Part of me had been waiting for more experienced and more senior pastors or denominational leaders in Australia to speak up about what was happening,” co-author, Pastor Littlefield said. “But it was becoming clear this wasn’t going to happen any time soon.


“I knew many Christians were confused by this,” he said. “They want to know what pastors are thinking. So many people have heard Christians argue in apologetics that the Church has done much good for society, and now when so much is happening, the Church appears silent.”

Caldron Pool deserves a lot of credit for hosting this Declaration on its site and for making it widely known. And it is already going great guns, with over 450 church leaders having signed it, along with well over 3000 other Christians. But let me quote here from select parts of the actual Declaration:

The Ezekiel Declaration


Watchmen, It’s Time To Speak


To the Honourable Scott Morrison,


As Christian leaders, you should be aware that in accordance with scripture we regularly pray for “and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” (1 Timothy 2:2).


We do write however, to you regarding a matter of significant concern. Namely, the proposed introduction of ‘vaccine passports’ into Australian society. For many Christian leaders and Christians, this is an untenable proposal that would inflict terrible consequences on our nation.


We should initially note that we are not the first generation that has been confronted with the question of ‘vaccine passports.’ Writing in 1880, aware of the challenges that a smallpox epidemic brought to society, the Christian theologian Abraham Kuyper wrote,  


“Vaccination certificates will therefore have to go… The form of tyranny hidden in these vaccination certificates is just as real a threat to the nation’s spiritual resources as a smallpox epidemic itself.” -Kuyper, A. 2015. Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto. (p. 249). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press; Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.


Between 1901 and 1905, Abraham Kuyper would hold the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. He evidently understood that a ‘vaccine passport’ would represent a measure that was equal to if not worse than an epidemic itself through the oppressive control over people’s lives. As Christian ministers, we would also agree with Kuyper’s analysis on such a measure, and for several reasons.


First, the government risks creating an unethical two-tiered society. While some individuals will receive the vaccination with thanks, others may have good and informed reasons for declining. One such reason is highlighted in the statement of the health minister Greg Hunt: 


“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data.” (Australian Department of Health)


Free citizens should have the right of consent, especially when the vaccine rollout has been labelled as a ‘clinical trial.’ Imposing a ‘vaccine passport’ when the nation is already divided on the matter risks the creation of medical apartheid. The result being that those who decline the vaccine are ostracised and alienated from aspects of public life. History has never reflected well for those who would promote segregation. As there has been no discussion that the precautionary measures will be retracted once the pandemic has concluded, there is a real concern that many of these measures will remain permanent. A ‘vaccine passport’ would therefore represent the dangerous precipice of a therapeutic totalitarianism that does not promote liberty and human flourishing, but would rather only dehumanise and control its citizens all under the cloak of personal health and safety.


Second, a good portion of the population are already burdened to the point of despair. Granted, we understand why our leaders felt compelled to lockdown in March 2020. The threat was unknown and our ability to withstand it, untested. However, it is now 2021, and the adverse effects of perpetual lockdowns are now being revealed. We understand needing to respond, but we are concerned with heavy-handed approaches that exceed people’s capacity to live a normal life. We are compelled to speak out on behalf of struggling people, the needy, the destitute, those being harmed by such strong measures (Proverbs 31:8-9)….


Third, conscience should never be coerced. The conscience is one of the innermost expressions that animates an individual, and that allows them to worship God as well as obey a legitimate governing authority. The conscience is the immediate contact of God’s presence in a person’s soul, and so an individual forced to act in a way that is objectionable to their conscience will never be at peace, either before God or before the state. A government that endeavours to force or coerce an individual who is striving to honour God, will find that they only encounter resistance. Regarding the need for a free conscience, Kuyper writes, “Conscience is therefore the shield of the human person, the root of all civil liberties, the source of a nation’s happiness.”…


Fourth, making vaccination the basis of participating in normal life would make no logical sense in terms of protecting others. A “CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated,” especially noting that four of those who were vaccinated were admitted to hospital. As we have said, we respect people’s right and choice to be vaccinated. But this type of data, published by America’s leading body of disease experts, causes people to wonder about the effectiveness of the vaccine along with concern about coercive measures by which to have it administered. As it is evident that vaccines do not prevent infection, to restrict a person’s access to society based on a medical choice is questionable.


Fifth, we as Christian leaders find it untenable that we would be expected to refuse entry into our churches to a subgroup of society based on their medical choice. Only our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ, has the authority to regulate the terms of corporate worship. These terms tell us that we are to make no distinction between those who call out in faith, neither on race nor medical choice. We are also under obligation to proclaim the gospel to all men. Our strongest conviction is that this gospel message is the greatest news ever to be pronounced, and includes nothing less than God’s free gift of saving grace, and the offer of eternal life to all who would respond in repentance and faith. To refuse people access to this message would betray our Saviour and everything he calls us to uphold. Any expectation to enforce a ‘vaccine passport’ on our churches would be met with passionate resistance.

You can read the entire Declaration here:

And you can sign it here:

Please do, and share it far and wide. Our Prime Minister and other political leaders desperately need to know just how important this matter is, and that countless Australians – be they Christians or not – are greatly upset by this new medical discrimination taking place, and with a new group of health untouchables arising as a result.

Well done to the three pastors who drafted this Declaration, for Caldron Pool in promoting it, and all those who have already signed it. It is hoped that many more church leaders will sign it, along with many tens of thousands of other concerned citizens.

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  1. Thanks Bill for supporting initiatives and declarations in these exceptational times of unusual danger to all

  2. Thank God, for your excellent and relevant articles Bill!

    Again and again, you hit the bullseye!

    How we need your discerning voice, in these trying, but never too much for our Savior, times of utter political skewed oppression.

    Keep it up brother, our prayer and intercession are with you and your loved ones.

    Cheers & blessings

    Eric Hansen

  3. This is wonderful, Bill! Thanks to Caldron Pool, and to you, for passing it on. I’m so happy to see (as a member of the Presbyterian Church) that our Moderator-General, Peter Barnes, has signed it!
    Passing it on to our eldership in the prayerful hope that they will sign it too.
    God bless you, Bill… are always in my prayers.

  4. Thank you Bill and others involved for drafting this important document.

  5. “Part of me had been waiting for more experienced and more senior pastors or denominational leaders in Australia to speak up about what was happening,” co-author, Pastor Littlefield said. “But it was becoming clear this wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

    I’ve posted on FB that that statement caused me to think of Romans 9:27: “Isaiah cries out concerning Israel, ‘Though the number of the sons of Israel be like the sand of the sea, it is the remnant that will be saved’.”

    And Romans 11:5: “In the same way then, there has also come to be at the present time a remnant according to God’s gracious choice.”

  6. Thanks guys – this continues to go viral. Now 750 Church leaders and over 5,000 members and attendees have signed the Declaration. Well done one and all!

  7. Thank you Bill! I miss you as my friend on Facebook. Wonderful to read this. I signed it. God bless. Cindy

  8. Well done to the signatories & Caldron Pool.
    The “more experienced and more senior pastors or denominational leaders in Australia” have been rather slow to wake up to the threat to our liberties posed by vaccine certificates. They will have to speak up sooner or later – when the government “grants privileges” to the vaccinated only to attend church.

  9. We do need to consider the COVID future. Current indications are that Australia will open up when we get to 80% vaccinated. That means that COVID will be allowed to spread widely in the absence of lockdowns.

    Almost everybody will eventually get the disease. I’ve recently received an email form ACL staying effectively we should not fear death. But I’m worried for my family.

  10. Thank you thank you soo much, may God Bless you & keep you safe ! Rise up everyone be bold, wake up to what is really taking place. TRUTH will prevail !! Be strong & courageous & put your Trust in Jesus Christ

  11. Current indications is the key part Gabrielle as “the science” constantly changes when herd immunity is reached and some variant coming along seems to change the whole equation. 100% is more probable what they want but figure a incremental approach 80, 85, 90, 95, then finally 100% might give people hope and encourage the vax. Once they change it up 5% the pressure will be on invaded to buckle “come on just 5% more for freedom”. One could also phrase it “just give in to the dark side already!”

  12. Thanks for the notice, Bill.
    I’ve signed it, and sent the link to various friends, and our pastor. However, I don’t anticipate much joy from the latter, as he takes his stand that “Romans 13 is the final word”.
    However, there is much else on the Caldron Pool site that I find helpful, and indeed, exciting.

    Pray that the truckies manage to achieve something tomorrow and thereafter. I don’t, of course, endorse their profanities, but they are fighting for a worthwhile and necessary cause. What is particularly distressing is that ScoMo is promising to send in the ADF to thwart them. This would be a major escalation, in what is now a declaration of war against Australia’s citizens. That war began in earnest on 21st August in the Melbourne and Sydney CBDs.
    My own view is that this can only have a bad ending: somewhere here shooting is going to start with live ammunition, and people are going to get hurt or even killed.

  13. Those ‘submit to government no matter what’ people always bother me. If the government orders men to come molest their son and or daughter in front of them would they do nothing? What if they were ordered to rape their wife in front of them again would they do nothing?? Would they scold their wife and kids for “resisting what God has ordained”? They might try to dodge the issue with “the government would never order men to do that” but A) that is beside the point the point is would you let it happen or resist and B) how do you know what a future government might or might not do? Did people in 1920’s Germany think the things that happened under Hitler would have happened in Germany? If they are truly government authority absolutist they will if you can corner them be forced to say they would do nothing and would tell their wife/kids not to resist because this is God’s will. (it would also mean the government cannot commit crimes, not even crimes against humanity, because everything they do is God’s will and God can’t will people to commit crimes because crime are evil and God is good so everything a government do is good). People who would give that authority to government, the power to rape and molest at will, are NOT christian and not to be associated with. I hope your pastor, and ANY pastor, would have better sense.

  14. Just wanted to tell people like Gabrielle above that Fred Nile sent out an email today saying ‘In 2020 Professor Thomas Borody has discovered another triple therapy protocol for Covid-19 infected based on research by the Doherty Institute and Monash University. The protocol discovered by Borody is being used around the world and clinical research in other countries has shown promising results. This involves a combination of Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline. No side effects have been recorded by participants of this therapy. In NSW we are recording over 1000 cases of Covid-19 a day, our Health System is continuing to function but this will not last. I call upon the State Government to embrace safe treatments such as Borody’s triple therapy protocol as a matter of urgency. Please contact your local Member of Parliament and demand this like-saving treatment is made available to all Australians today! Yours faithfully, Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC’

  15. Super! And great to see your name there among the leaders, Bill! There are a LOT of leaders and members whose duty is to join this disciple-of-Jesus voice!

  16. I cannot help wondering if the same measures of scrutiny are being, and/or will be applied in mosque attendance, and to Muslims participating in prayers 5 times daily. My cynical side persuades me the ‘authorities’ will skirt around this group for reasons we can all understand.

  17. I came here to specifically find an article of you promoting the Declaration. I’ve become aware of Aust Christian leaders saying they can’t sign it, for reasons including it’s not loving and it doesn’t endorse the jab. After having a quick read of some of their articles & information I am a bit unsettled by their subtly twisted reasoning. There is huge divide in the church here.

  18. Yes Sharon, sadly there have been a few of these so-called Christian leaders attacking the Declaration and urging people not to sign it. We are already going through a very real medical apartheid right now that is getting worse by the day, and our religious liberties – along with other basic freedoms – are under attack like no other period in peace time, and yet these folks carry on about how this Declaration is somehow unloving, confrontational and the like. Good grief. To be honest, I have little time for these sorts of folks. And Jesus seemed to have very little time for the Pharisees of his day who looked down on the masses and thought they were so morally and spiritually superior. These folks sit in their armchairs attacking others who dare to speak out as God is calling them to do. I know whose side I am on.

  19. Ah love. One of the many words so twisted out of shape into something that is often the opposite of love. I often get SICK of hearing that word. Even most Christians don’t even seem to know it’s meaning. Are we yet to the point of just singing louder so we fully obey government and ignore the cries of it’s victims as they pass by?????

    Seems since time immemorial there have always been collaborators among God’s people Jew or Christian. Too many willing to save there own miserable skin.

    I think the idea of if I’m wrong I’ll recant on my death bed has gotten many to think I can live how I want repent before I die and fool God. “Live like a sinner say your sorry and go to heaven”. The worst thing is the church doesn’t fight this. “He was a good person so he’s with God now” is how the even the church has come to see things. What angers me most is how many they convert to squishy Christianity and doom to hell with them. Collaboration may be the path of least resistance but it empties into the same sewer as all the other non narrow paths. If a person’s eternal soul isn’t important to them them neither will other people’s souls be important to them.

  20. Bill, I am not at the point where I would question their Christianity. There are many perspectives and I’m currently looking more closely into this one we are discussing. Not everyone has the same information to come to the same conclusion. The other issue tho is whether people are ignoring or downplaying evidence.

  21. God knows those who are truly his. However, we are told to judge a person by their fruit. These leaders attacking and judging other believers for daring to think differently than them tells us a lot about them and their fruit. When they keep going on about love and acceptance, all the while not showing love and acceptance to those who dare to ask honest questions about the reigning narrative, they make clear their sort of Christianity. Indeed, when they in effect consider 3000 church leaders and 20,000 church members to be subpar and deluded Christians, that is the epitome of Phariseeism.

  22. Bill. Praise God for sensible strong Christian voices, including yours.
    Too many christian churches are now preaching “christianity lite” to suit the culture demands of minority groups, who are not interested in spreading the absolute truth from Gods word and in order to boost their own church attendances and egos. “Dying to self” is so unpopular with these preachers! I came from South Africa to escape apartheid – which here they sweetly refer to as two tier population. Get real – it IS apartheid. How Australians hated us for our system, yet so many think so highly of themselves that they will endorse this system! And remember, once you have this apartheid (translated as apartness) system, for them and us, the power swings both ways, so it does not end with a declaration. Them versus us, but also us versus them – this does not pursue peace and love, as we are called to do by Jesus, but by its very nature, promotes the absolute opposite – anger, hate, etc. and the system can then legally be used by any group for any reason. A frightening thought as we go forward into a future which is uncertain enough as it is! This is not a precedent to be set!

  23. I’m greatly encouraged by reading all of this! Bill’s articles, Caldron Pool’s courage and 3 Pastors Godly wisdom. And I thought that only a few of my Christian friends inc myself were the only one’s left who disagreed with govt’s handling and future demands of the whole Covid affair. How wrong I was and thanks to God the ranks are growing! This is God timing as have just phoned yesterday to make an appt with my Federal MP Luke Howarth to discuss this very same issue stated here. I have signed the Decaration, shared to my Church pastors and will now share it widely on social media etc as Christ came to set us free and free indeed not to be under bondage and harsh rule by manipulating, power hungry political leaders and others who would use the people to further their own wicked agendas.
    God be with us…….

  24. I was saddened to see 2 Pastors that I respected saying they could not sign this – It is an example of the divisiveness that Stephen Chavura has posted about and has many of us feeling very unsettled I thought the SSM was bad enough at splitting the Church – but this has been just horrible to witness

  25. Yes Vicki it is a worry indeed. Sadly there are several of these leaders who in my books are at best armchair critics or at worst Pharisees as they attack those who wrote, signed and shared the Ezekiel Declaration. I really tire of these folks who effectively are siding with Pharaoh against Moses.

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